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'50 Days of Blessing' Begins Prayers, Worship in Park Across from White House


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A 24/7 initiative has launched around-the-clock prayers and worship in the days leading up to the November elections.

The prayer event is stationed in Lafayette Park in front of the White House in Washington, DC for the next 50 days in an effort called "50 Days of Blessing." 

50 Days of Blessing is a project of Women for a Great America and is co-sponsored by Andrea Lafferty of Women for a Great America, Darrian Summerville of the Moravian Watch/Porch & Altar, and Jody Wood with the New York Apostolic Prayer Network/NYCI.

The group kicked off the initiative with 24/7 prayers and worship at the park Wednesday. 

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Organizers say the purpose is to intercede for the safety and security of our President and the nation during a time when both are under siege.

Participants are praying for the multiplication of worshippers and evangelists throughout the day and night to reach those who are in need of a savior. 

"Stand with us as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and engage in worship, praise, and 24/7 prayer, creating an atmosphere filled by the Prince of Peace," the organization's website reads. 

If you can't attend, you can also join in the prayer initiative on the group's Facebook page

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