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'We've Got to Get Back to God...What's Best for Our Nation': Dem Blasts His Party's Obsession with Mueller


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Democrats in Washington and members of the establishment media are voicing widespread outrage against US Attorney General William Barr for holding a press conference Thursday about the Mueller report.

Barr is releasing a redacted version of the report and explaining his decision to the nation. But Democrat leaders and liberal journalists say Barr is acting as a "shill" for President Trump.

On the local level, there's a different response though. One Louisiana state senator - Democrat John Milkovich - says the Mueller report reveals there was no campaign collusion or obstruction of justice on the part of Donald Trump.

Democrat committee leaders in Congress have launched numerous investigations against Trump, saying the Mueller report didn't go far enough. But Milkovich says it's time for his party to end its investigations of the president.

"Is it my personal opinion that it is a waste of time? Yes. Do they have the constitutional authority to do it? Yes. Is it going to help them? Absolutely no. I think the American people - many of them feel betrayed," he says.

"We've got to get back to God, we've got to get back to Bible principles, we've got to get back to the Constitution, we've got to get back to doing what's best for our nation. We've got to get back to bringing, uniting people."

You can see more of Milkovich on "The Global Lane", tonight on the CBN News Channel at 9:30 Eastern.  


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