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President Biden Faces Mounting Crises as His Overall Approval Rating Drops to 41%


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For President Biden, the last few weeks have brought mounting problems. After a popular start, his young presidency is now struggling after the fall of the Afghan government, a rebounding COVID-19 pandemic, and dissension within his own party.

There's been a barrage of negative headlines and criticism from both sides of the aisle. Biden has a only week to get Americans and allies out of Afghanistan, in the face of an empowered Taliban. 

"The President just announced a firm withdrawal date of August 31st. I can tell you there is no way we can get all our American citizens and Afghan partners out by that time," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX). 

Analysts say the administration is hoping success at home - particularly with containing COVID - might distract voters from the botched withdrawal. But as vaccination rates slowly rise in the U.S., so are the infections.  

"Delta is out there looking for you," said Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health.   

On Capitol Hill, there's rancor in the ranks with House Democrats teeing up the Senate-passed $3.5 trillion dollar package of policy priorities. 

Nine moderate party members initially threatened to tank it. 

"Some of the most vulnerable Democrats in the house realize they are going to get attacked for the budget and the spending that comes along with that," said Nathan Gonzalez of Inside Elections.

Meanwhile, the Southern Border crisis is growing worse as migrants stream into the county in record numbers largely unfettered. 

Crime is surging across America and Progressives are fuming over Biden's pick of Rahm Emanuel for U.S. Ambassador to Japan. 

A USA Today poll shows Biden's job approval is taking a tumble too with 41 percent saying they approve and 55 percent disapproving. 

While he still has the backing of most Democrats, only a third of Independents now think he's doing a good job. 

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