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Polling Indicates if News Media Had Been Fair and Balanced, Biden Would Have Lost

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A recent survey of Joe Biden voters indicates he would have lost the presidential race if the mainstream news media hadn't covered up stories about alleged scandals involving the former vice president. And the same would have happened if those same media outlets had covered rather than ignored President Trump's successes.

According to the Media Research Center (MRC) poll of Biden voters in seven swing states, hiding bad Biden news helped him on Election Day.  

'What Hunter Biden Scandal?'

For instance, 35.4 percent of those voting for him admitted their news sources didn't report on the Hunter Biden scandal. If they had known about it, 9.4 percent of them would have changed their vote. That could have moved six of the swing states into the Trump column, giving him a decisive 311 electoral votes.

Meanwhile, not reporting positive news about Trump seriously hurt his chances at attaining the needed 270 electoral votes.

For instance, 49 percent of Biden voters said they'd received no news about the staggering and historic 33 percent jump in third-quarter economic growth.  5.6 percent of them said had they been aware, it would have changed their vote. That could have also potentially swung state to Trump, providing a winning margin of 295 electoral votes for his reelection.

Historic Mideast Peace Deals Went Unseen by Many Biden Voters

And 43.5 percent of Biden voters say their news sources didn't provide enough if any, information on the Middle East peace deals involving Israel that were brokered by the Trump administration. Those deals have led to three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for Trump. If they had known about these historic peace deals, five percent said it would have changed their vote. And, again, that would have given Trump an electoral college win.

Studies by the Media Research Center show the mainstream news media's reporting about Trump has been more than 90 percent negative his entire presidency and consistently failed to cover his administration's accomplishments.

'Very Serious Assault on Democracy'

At a news conference about the new poll's findings Tuesday, MRC President Brent Bozell stated, "This is a very, very serious assault on democracy.  When you don't have the freedom of information when information is being withheld from the voters, do you really have a functioning democracy?  And I would submit that the entire democratic system in America -- the electoral system -- right now is in peril."

Though all were invited, not one mainstream news organization had a reporter covering this online news conference about them and their effect on the 2020 presidential election.

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