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Freedom Caucus Leader Rep. Mark Meadows: God Gets the Credit


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WASHINGTON – Congressman Mark Meadows, leader of the influential House Freedom Caucus, is vocal about his faith and on Wednesday opened up to CBN's "Faith Nation" about his walk with the Lord.

"One of my favorite devotions is really about humility – humility and complete surrender," Meadows said.

Believe it or not, Meadows actually never dreamed of being a lawmaker but God had different plans.

"In Washington, D.C., where everybody has larger than life personalities, it's real easy to start thinking that you're smarter than you really are or that you're more powerful than you really are and ultimately for me, I realize that this is a calling," he said. "It's not one that was ever on my bucket list. I never really wanted to run for Congress."

Meadows has certainly had favor in his calling, but if you ask him, he doesn't take the credit.

"The credit for any victories are not mine. They belong to the God that I serve."

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