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FL Gov DeSantis Signs Heartbeat Protection Act: 'Abortion Stops a Beating Heart'

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a state abortion ban that kicks in once a preborn baby's heartbeat is detected. That usually occurs around the six week mark of pregnancy.

The Republican-controlled Florida Senate approved the measure last week, and the House did so Thursday. The measure will take effect only if Florida's current 15-week ban is upheld in an ongoing legal challenge before the state Supreme Court.

DeSantis tweeted a photo of the moment saying, "Signed the Heartbeat Protection Act, which expands pro-life protections and devotes resources to help young mothers and families." 

Florida Democrats had tried to block the progress of the bill using disruptive methods and delay tactics. One Democratic state senator and the chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party ended up being arrested and charged with trespassing during a protest in Tallahassee against the six-week ban.

Republican Rep. Jenna Persons-Mulicka, who carried the bill in the Florida House, pointed out that real lives are stake in the abortion fight. “We have the opportunity to lead the national debate about the importance of protecting life and giving every child the opportunity to be born and find his or her purpose," she said.

Dr. Kathi Aultman, a former abortionist who lives in Jacksonville and serves as an associate scholar with the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute, applauded Florida's new law. 

"After performing hundreds of abortions, I know without hesitation that abortion after six weeks stops a beating heart. The cardiovascular system is the first organ system to function, and at this stage of development, the heart beats around 110 beats per minute. Research has shown that if a heartbeat is detected, a baby has more than a 90% chance of surviving to birth," Aultman said.

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The Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America group also celebrated the development, tweeting, "This enormous triumph in the battle for human rights means tens of thousands of precious boys and girls will live and have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, bless the lives of others, and enhance Florida's communities."

The new ban does contain some exceptions, including to save the mother's life. Abortions for cases involving rape or incest would also be allowed until 15 weeks of pregnancy, as long as the mother has documentation like a police report.

“I can’t think of any bill that’s going to provide more protections to more people who are more vulnerable than this piece of legislation,” said Republican Rep. Mike Beltran, who said the bill’s exceptions and six-week timeframe represented a real compromise. 

Other states have also taken significant steps to protect the lives of unborn persons since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that abortion restrictions should be up to each state. 

So far, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi have banned abortion at all stages of pregnancy. Like Florida, Georgia also recently moved to block the procedure after the preborn person's heartbeat can be detected. 


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