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The Democrat Party 'Coup' Against Biden Subsides, for Now

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For the moment, President Biden may have blocked what some call a "coup attempt" from his own party to remove him as their presidential nominee, but all the criticism reveals a continued lack of confidence among Democrats. 

The president survived a crucial day when Democrats in the Senate and House did not announce mass defections after private meetings, but the party is far from unified behind its nominee. The mood was summed up by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) who was asked by reporters, "Are you all on the same page?" to which Cohen replied, "No...Not even in the same book." 

A seventh House Democrat has called for Biden to drop out, although he did get an endorsement from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who repeated the same line to reporters three times: "As I've said before, I'm with Joe."

Democratic leaders had supposedly agreed to stop talking about their discontent with Biden publicly, but that didn't stop Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) from becoming the first Democratic senator to tell CNN he doesn't believe Biden can beat Donald Trump. 

Protesters carry signs in Harrisburg, Pa., as President Joe Biden attends a campaign event Sunday, July 7, 2024. (AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough)
Protesters carry signs in Harrisburg, Pa., as President Joe Biden attends a campaign event Sunday, July 7, 2024. (AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough)

And Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said it's up to Biden to show he can win.

"At this point, I would say to the president, the challenge is to you. Show us in the way you campaign that you can effectively beat Donald Trump," Durbin said.

On the campaign trail, former President Trump was enjoying all the Democrat infighting, telling supporters, "The radical left Democrat Party is divided in chaos and having a full-scale breakdown all because they can't decide which of the candidates is more unfit to be president."

Some Democrats are now fearing a Trump landslide and another stumble by Biden is sure to ignite more calls from his own party to step down. 

Meanwhile, at the NATO summit in Washington on Tuesday, Biden announced a new aid package to Ukraine. 

"The United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, and Italy will provide Ukraine with the equipment for five additional strategic air defense systems," Biden said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is clearly worried about the impact the 2024 election will have on more aid for Ukraine, saying, "Americans are waiting for November. In Europe, Middle East, in the Pacific, the whole world is looking towards, looking to November and, truly speaking, Putin awaits November too."

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