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Biden Admin to Scrap Focus on Religious Freedom in Favor of Abortion, LGBTQ Activism


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Secretary of State Antony Blinken will restructure America’s top priorities around the globe in order to focus on more progressive and liberal pet issues, such as abortion and LGBTQ activism.

Friendly descriptions of the shift in focus can be found throughout the media, such as characterizing issues conservatives champion (like religious freedom) as opposed to human rights.

From the Associated Press

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday will formally scrap a blueprint championed by his predecessor to limit U.S. promotion of human rights abroad to causes favored by conservatives like religious freedom and property matters while dismissing reproductive and LGBTQ rights.

By “reproductive rights” the Biden administration is referring to abortion, which is the murder of an unborn child still in the mother’s womb.

Secretary Mike Pompeo released “Report of the Commission on Unalienable Rights” back in July 2020, and though the report was met with criticism from progressive groups and activist organizations, it moved forward.

Foreshadowing the report, Pompeo wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal discussing the purpose of the commission:

"America’s Founders defined unalienable rights as including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” They designed the Constitution to protect individual dignity and freedom. A moral foreign policy should be grounded in this conception of human rights.

Yet after the Cold War ended, many human-rights advocates turned their energy to new categories of rights. These rights often sound noble and just. But when politicians and bureaucrats create new rights, they blur the distinction between unalienable rights and ad hoc rights granted by governments. Unalienable rights are by nature universal. Not everything good, or everything granted by a government, can be a universal right. Loose talk of “rights” unmoors us from the principles of liberal democracy."

Pompeo expressed concern that political and activist groups were watering down truly universal rights with political interests, and sought to clarify what are and are not inalienable, universal rights.

“Oppressive regimes like Iran and Cuba have taken advantage of this cacophonous call for ‘rights,’ even pretending to be avatars of freedom,” Pompeo wrote. “No one believed the Soviet call for collective economic and civil rights was really about freedom. But after the Cold War ended, many human-rights advocates adopted the same approach, appealing to contrived rights for political advantage.”

Secretary Blinken, however, will be taking the Biden administration in a different direction. From the AP:

Blinken will also say Tuesday that he has instructed the State Department to restore sections on reproductive rights to future editions, according to the official.

Blinken will order the department to prepare addendums to the 2020 reports that include information about maternal mortality, discrimination against women in accessing sexual and reproductive health care, and government policies about access to contraception and skilled healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth, the official said.

One of President Trump’s first actions in office was to sign a presidential memorandum reinstating the “Mexico City” policy. Basically, it bans U.S. funding of any group that “promotes” abortion internationally.

Now, it appears President Biden, who is Catholic, is poised to promote abortion across the globe – only it will be referred to as “reproductive rights” instead of the taking of an unborn child’s life.

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