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Abortion, 'No Cash Bail', and Voting Rights Are Key Issues as Warnock, Walker Battle with 1 Week to Go


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With one week to go, the midterm elections are coming down to the wire, and the Senate race in Georgia is neck and neck between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker.

The Georgia Senate race has had more twists in recent days as the candidates head to the finish line. But Walker and Warnock are deadlocked in most recent polls. 

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Walker continues to hold his ground even after a second allegation about abortion. To shore up Warnock, Democrats are bringing in heavy hitters, such as former President Barack Obama.

"You deserve better. Georgia deserves better. You deserve somebody who's independent and who's going to go work every day and fight for you. Somebody like Reverend Raphael Warnock," Obama told the crowd in Atlanta. 
The news about a new accuser claiming Walker pressured her to get an abortion during the 90's broke during a Walker campaign rally last week. 

"I'm done with this foolishness, I've already told people this is a lie and I'm not going to entertain and continue to carry a lie along. And I want to let you know I didn't kill JFK neither. The Democrats got crushed at the debate, and now they'll do and say whatever they can to win this seat," Walker said following his campaign stop. 
On the trail, his pro-life stance even amid the allegations appeals to supporters.

"I understand he had some issues early, we've all had issues in our youth. But I'm for the candidates who want America to be the country I was raised in, not the country we've become," said Walker supporter Eleanor Myers. 

Walker has been quick to tell voters not to buy what Democrats are selling, frequently mentioning Senator Warnock, the economy, and crime.
"Think about this. He believes in no cash bail. That means they just walk through the jail like a revolving door. Not on my watch they're not," Walker told his supporters at a recent stop. 
Warnock hasn't made Walker's abortion allegations a central part of his events, focusing instead on healthcare and voting rights. 
Black Voters Matter Fund co-founder LaTosha Brown says those are significant issues for Georgians, especially minority voters.

"I think abortion is a part of that, access to reproductive healthcare is a part of that, but it's not the single issue of abortion. It's really about the expansion and people having access, whether it's access to the hospitals, or access to the care itself," said Brown. 

Sen. Warnock's ads do go after Walker on the abortion issue, but he has yet to lean into it at his in-person events. 

"An election is a choice, and the people of Georgia deserve to see that choice. In this case it's stark, and deeply consequential. I think if you want to know what someone will do in office, just take a look at their life before they ran," Warnock said to reporters at one of his recent campaign stops. 
If neither candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, then they would both be looking at a December runoff.


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