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Tim Tebow Writes Children's Book Celebrating Kids With Special Needs


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Faith and sports icon Tim Tebow, who founded "A Night to Shine" celebrating children with disabilities, is continuing his mission with a new book.

Tebow just wrote his first children's book, titled Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember, which aims to encourage children with special needs.


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It follows a group of animal friends as they learn to deal with different challenges and disabilities.

In the story, Bronco receives an invitation to a party but loses the puzzle piece he is supposed to bring. During the search, he meets a few other animals with their own troubles like a flightless bird, an allergic goat, and a clumsy bunny. 

The animals join together to help find Bronco's puzzle piece. After arriving, they discover that the party is in their honor. 

Tebow wants everyone to know that God sees them as special. His main focus of the story is to point kids to their purpose in life and remind them that God created each one of us to be uniquely His.

"We can and should be faithful to God and live out the purpose that He has designed," he shared with Christian Headlines. "I'm grateful that God allows me to be on His team, not because of me but because of Him."

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