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Thousands Attend Largest UK Evangelism Event Since Billy Graham


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The UK's largest evangelism event, since Billy Graham's crusade decades ago, reached into the heart of Britain over the weekend as thousands responded to the Gospel message, putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

"Literally, thousands of people have just come forward to give their lives to Jesus," said Peter Wooding, London Bureau Chief of the Global News Alliance.

The event should encourage Christians across the United Kingdom to pick up the banner of evangelism and begin sharing the Gospel, one national prayer leader said.

"I believe that God has already released a grace over the United Kingdom and it's going to be very easy to get saved in Britain and this is just a foretaste," Jonathan Oloyede told Wooding.

Watch Peter Wooding's interview with Oloyede below.

Evangelist J. John has traveled the world telling others about Christ, and he brought the Gospel to the U.K. for a one-day event called JustOne

Watch evangelist J. John preach at the JustOne event in London.

Attendees were encouraged to bring "just one" person to the event, in hopes of doubling the impact. 

This simple invitation strategy has proven to be successful before, so event organizers had planned for 20,000 people to pack out Emirates Stadium.

High profile performers such as Matt Redman, Hillsong London, and Noel Robinson led worship and a number of speakers including Canon Andrew White, Julia Immonen, Lord Michael Hastings, and Linvoy Primus also ministered to the crowd.
J. John told Premier in an interview last month that the world needs to see the church engaging in mass evangelism.
"There is biblical authority and historical precedent for mass evangelism. I find it significant that outside the increasingly secular West, mass evangelism has continued, particularly in the majority world, with some spectacular rallies in places like Africa," J.John said.
"Mass evangelism reminds the world that the Church is not dead. It's easy to ignore a few little fellowships hidden away in anonymous buildings in a dozen suburbs. It's much less easy if there are tens of thousands of people in your city's main stadium. JustOne at the Emirates Stadium is the first of many anticipated stadium events."

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