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'These Children Are Being Trafficked, We Must Have Stricter Border Laws': Pastor Paula White Tours Migrant Detention Facility


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CBN News National Security Correspondent Erik Rosales interviewed Pastor Paula White on her recent visit to a migrant detention center in Virginia. Click the player to watch. 

Pastor Paula White, senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center, in Apopka, Florida, and faith advisor to President Trump recently toured a facility of undocumented immigrants in Virginia.

She told CBN News she recognized how falsely these centers are being narrated in the news.  

"The center was amazing," White said. "Not just three square meals, psychiatric care, clinician, medical care, chapel, events, schooling, language, and love."

White said this experience was life-changing.

She said after the children arrived, they were assessed and then were given a debt assessment.

White says that is the amount of money the unaccompanied child is in debt to the smugglers who brought them over the border illegally.  

"In this particular center, all of the children, had a debt upon them of $3,000, to $7,000, and upwards of $10,000," said White. "These were unaccompanied minors." 

She said," If we are going to be compassionate. We have to have stricter border security and laws."

White says these children are being trafficked.

White says she has her church member team doing faith-based events for the kids.

"We are bringing backpacks, school supplies, working with them," said White.

White is also working with other churches, to get them involved in this complex issue.

Judge Gives Trump Administration More Time To Reunite Families

Immigration, it's one of the most hotly debated issues in American right now.

On Tuesday, a federal judge has agreed to extend the deadline for the government to reunite 102 migrant children under the age of five, who were separated from their parents.

Judge Dana Sabraw asked government attorneys to provide an update by Tuesday morning on which children will be reunited and who will require more time.

During the conference in federal court in San Diego, Sabraw said he recognized that some cases "will necessitate additional time."

Sarah Fabian, an attorney for the Justice Department, said she expects 54 out of 102 children will be reunited with their parents tomorrow.

The government requested a deadline extension on Friday, telling Sabraw it would only be able to reunite about half of the children by the court's first deadline of Tuesday because it could not locate many of the parents.

Military Getting Ready To House Migrant Families & Children

The Trump administration has chosen Fort Bliss and Goodfellow Air Force Base, both in Texas, to house detained migrants swept up in the federal government's crackdown on illegal immigration, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday.

"We'll provide whatever support the Department of Homeland Security needs in order to house the people that they have under their custody," Mattis told reporters while in Alaska, according to the Associated Press. "We will work that out week by week. The numbers obviously are dynamic, so we will have to stay flexible in our logistics support."

The Pentagon said it had been asked to be prepared to shelter as many as 20,000 unaccompanied children.

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