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'Reckless Love' Tops Charts: Cory Asbury Shares Story Behind the Worship Song Sweeping the Globe


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Cory Asbury's "Reckless Love" praise anthem has been topping the Billboard charts and sweeping the globe as Christians everywhere worship to this powerful song.
The Bethel Music worship leader sat down with CBN's Studio 5 to share the story behind the song, and he explained how two experiences as a parent helped birth the song.

"When I held my son for the first time it changed every idea that I had of God," Asbury said.

He added, "I looked into his eyes and was just like, I have a capacity for love that I never thought I could have."

"Number two was our daughter Lilly, she had a couple of health complications." Asbury says those events led him to ask some "difficult questions of God."

He asked, "What is going on? Why is my daughter almost dying? Are you punishing me? Have I sinned? Have I done something wrong? And those were some of the false paradigms that I held in my heart... and the truth of it is that He actually used the whole thing to confirm to my heart His goodness, His kindness in the midst of all of it."

"In the middle of that he spoke so much into my life," he explained. Watch the full interview in the clip at the top of this page.

Meanwhile, our very own Regent University Singers came together with Cory Asbury to record a powerful version of "Reckless Love." If you haven't already had a chance, check it out below:

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