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Pandemic Anthem: Christian Reggae Singer Believes God’s Using Coronavirus to Unleash Heavenly Creativity


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Like many Americans, when Mark Mohr went in search of household supplies he found empty store shelves.

The stark scenes coupled with wall-to-wall coverage of the deadly coronavirus have played out in his home state of California and around the world, causing many to become fearful or discouraged. For Mohr, it sparked an idea.

"As a creative with the Creator inside, I started writing this song," he said.

Within twenty-four hours, he had written "Pandemic (Quarantine Anthem)," released in late March as a YouTube music video.

Watch Mohr's music video below:

The project took his Christian reggae band, CHRISTAFARI, ten days to complete.

Mohr, whose band was previously featured on CBN's The 700 Club, described the challenge of producing the video with many in the group in quarantine after they returned homesick from their tour in Brazil and while four band members were stranded in South America.

He shot most of the video in his Southern California garage with a green screen. It also features his daughter's recent birthday celebration – a scene highlighting the need to still mark milestones in an era of social distancing.

"Her birthday party got postponed," Mohr explained. "So we had to have a virtual party. So that wasn't us acting with the little phones and doing FaceTime."

While the anthem features memes, spoofs, and acts that Mohr said have gone 'viral,' one thing it does not contain is a reference to the disease's common name.

"I call it COVID-19. I call it other things. 'Dreaded virus.' But I don’t say corona, because I say Christ is the King," he told CBN News. "Ultimately, He's the King of all kings, and He's the one we want to be focusing on right now."


Mohr said he's excited about how people are responding.

"The reaction has been fantastic. It has encouraged people to put their trust in God," he said. "There are 365 – actually 366 – times in the Bible where it says 'Fear not.' And that is a commandment: one for every day of the year including leap year this year."

He's challenging Christians to get creative as the world confronts the pandemic.

"Are you going to bloom where you're planted or are you just going to wilt away on your couch binge-watching Netflix?" he asked. "You have the Creator inside. Use that creativity for the good."

"I want to see a lot of books written. I want to see a lot of movie treatments written. And, in our case, music videos filmed in our garage," he continued.

Mohr said he has already witnessed positive changes.

"One church that we're a part of just saw 3,000 people give their lives to Christ on one Sunday," he said referring to a recent service at Harvest Christian Fellowship. "People are flocking to the churches, if not physically which they can't, virtually. And so I think there’s a hunger. There's a thirst."

Even as millions of Americans are confined to their homes, Mohr told CBN News believers can still share their faith in big and small ways.

"We're not supposed to hide this light under a bushel. And it's so hard to get it out, but you can through social media," he explained. "You can through calling friends, FaceTiming friends, to reaching out to those people."

"Right now right after you watch this," he said referencing his interview with CBN News, "look through your phone and pray through that list of friends and say, 'God who should I reach out to right now?' And I believe He’ll put the right people in your heart."

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