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Operation Blessing Partners with Churches in Poland to Serve Refugees Fleeing Ukraine


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When her family miraculously escaped a rocket attack, one Ukrainian mother decided to take her children out of the war zone.

Upon arriving in Poland, the family found help in a shelter supported by CBN's Operation Blessing.

"On the 27th of February, we came under fire," said Lyudmila. "We were coming back from church in the evening on Sunday. A rocket flew directly at our car." 

Lyudmila and her family cried out for God's protection. 

"We prayed, we screamed," the mother recalled. "I never thought my kids could pray like this. They were born and raised in a Christian family, but we never prayed so hard." 

Lyudmila described the chaotic scene and what resembled a fireball in the sky.

"The rocket was like a shooting star entering the atmosphere," she explained. "Then it just went out. It didn't fall anywhere. There was no blast. None of the cars were damaged -- nothing." 

Lyudmila left Ukraine to keep her children safe. After making the long trek to Poland, she was taken in by a local church that partners with Operation Blessing. 

Even though they found refuge, the children were still frightened.

"After we came here and the pastor showed us the shower, restrooms, washing machine, towels, and everything, my girls said 'Mom, this is such a good bomb shelter,'" Lyudmila explained. "The kids, who are so scared. (They) aren't looking at the amount of toys or at the playgrounds yet." 

It will take time for the girls to know they're safe again, but thanks to the generosity of Operation Blessing partners, the humanitarian organization is working with churches in Poland to bring aid and comfort to many Ukrainian families like Lyudmila's. 

"We are very grateful for the people who are supporting us. Thank you for the help, and for believing in our Ukraine," Lyudmila said.


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