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Majority of Gaza Youth Support Knife Attacks Against Israelis


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A new poll shows the overwhelming majority of young people living in the Gaza Strip support knife attacks against Israelis.

In a survey by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre, nearly 79 percent of those surveyed supported the stabbing attacks.

There have been more than 120 attacks and attempted assaults using kitchen knives by Palestinians against Israelis since last October. 

At least 20 Israelis have been killed and more than 80 Palestinians shot dead by Israeli security forces. The poll found nearly 48 percent of those living in the West Bank want the knife attacks to continue.

While the number of attacks have dropped slightly in recent weeks, this new form of terror has left many Israelis nervous about venturing out on the streets of Jerusalem and neighboring cities.

The survey also found that a majority of Palestinians don't believe negotiations will resolve the bitter Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but instead support an armed intifada, or uprising.

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