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‘The Lord Is Leading Me’: Masters Champ Scottie Scheffler Says He Plays Golf to ‘Glorify God’ After Dominant Victory

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Newly-minted Masters champion Scottie Scheffler said he’s “trying to glorify God” through his golf career, giving all the credit to the Lord as he spoke with reporters Sunday about his stunning victory.

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“That all goes back to my faith,” Scheffler said after being asked how he balances his desire to golf competitively without letting it define him as a person. “The reason why I play golf is: I’m trying to glorify God and all that He’s done in my life.”

The 25-year-old champion golfer didn’t stop there. He went on to say his “identity isn’t a golf score” and shared how his wife, Meredith, recently offered an encouraging reminder of that reality.

“Like Meredith told me this morning, she says, ‘If you win this golf tournament today if you lose this golf tournament by 10 shots if you never win another golf tournament again,’ she goes, ‘I’m still going to love you, you’re still going to be the same person, Jesus loves you, and nothing changes,'” Scheffler said. “And all I’m trying to do is glorify God, and that’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’m in this position.”

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Scheffler also said his wife regularly prays for him to experience peace — something he always wants to have on the golf course. Additionally, he seeks to experience “God’s presence.”

“Every day when we go out there, Meredith always prays for peace, because that’s what I want to feel on the golf course, is peace and have fun and just feel His presence,” he said. “So that’s her prayer every day. That’s my prayer, and I really felt that today. I felt at peace.”

Earlier in the press conference, Scheffler shared how overwhelmed he was before his win. He felt Sunday morning like he might not be ready for all that was unfolding.

But Scheffler came to some critical realizations after talking with his wife.

“[My wife] told me, ‘Who are you to say that you’re not ready?’ Who am I to say that I know what’s best for my life?” he said. “What we talked about is: God is in control, and the Lord is leading me, and if today’s my time, then it’s my time.”

Thanking God is nothing new for Scheffler, who also credited the Lord for his first PGA win in February.

“Overwhelmed at getting my first PGA Tour win. So thankful to the Lord, Teddy, our families and friends, and everyone else a part of the team,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “An unbelievable experience we will never forget.

Scheffler’s worldwide standing had improved in recent days. Then, he reached the pinnacle golf achievement Sunday when he became this year’s Masters champion.

In addition to the accolades that come with dominating the tournament, Scheffler went home with $2.7 million in prize money.

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