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Iran's ICBMs Are Meant for the US: Israel's Ron Dermer Tells CBN about 'Secret Atomic Archive'


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Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer tells CBN that Israel has tons of new proof that Iran lied about its nuclear weapons program, warning the hardline Islamic regime presents a threat to the US as well as Israel.

Dermer's words come as President Donald Trump faces a May 12 deadline to decide whether or not to pull out of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement – one Dermer says is based on deception.

"We have this massive archive – a secret atomic archive – that we obtained from the heart of Tehran that actually shows the extent of their deception of the international community. So this whole deal that was made was based on utter lies and fabrications from the Iranians," he told CBN's Pat Robertson on "The 700 Club."

Dermer explains the fatal flaw of the nuclear deal is that the restrictions will be removed in a few years.

"The restrictions of this deal should be permanent," he said. "It has to be fully fixed or it should be fully nixed."

The Israeli envoy also noted that Iranian officials were tweeting out that they would destroy Israel on the eve of the signing of the controversial accord.

"If the world had this information in November 2016, this deal would have never gone forward the way that it has," he told Robertson.

"This deal was fatally flawed before – Israel said that three years ago – but now we have hard evidence to show that Iran not only has a nuclear program for the past but that they've actually kept this thing (nuclear plans) ready and waiting to be used in the future and that is a great danger to the peace and security of the world."

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Dermer also had this warning for the US.

"Iran is developing intercontinental ballistic missiles," he told Robertson, pointing out that those missiles aren't meant for Israel because the Jewish state is already on the same continent as Iran. "They're trying to get missiles to reach the United States."

Regardless of what the US decides, Dermer says Israel remains adamant that it will do whatever is necessary to put an end to Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

"This is a regime that openly calls for the annihilation of Israel, that actively works for the annihilation of Israel – they were tweeting out that they would destroy Israel on the eve of the signing of this deal. Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it clear that that's never going to happen," Dermer said.

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