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'I Can Only Imagine' Breakout Star Madeline Carroll: 'God has Plans for the Gifts He Gives Us'

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The faith-based film, "I Can Only Imagine", is a movie inspired by MercyMe's hit song and lead singer Bart Millard's life.

Actress Madeline Carroll, who plays Millard's wife, explained that just before getting the role she had plans to quit acting. 

Carroll told CBN News' Studio 5 the role, "came to me at a time that I was really broken and depressed and literally. " 

"This time last year I was going to quit," she said. 

"Then God just blew the door wide open and let me know that you are still called to be here. And so for me, this was more than just a fun creative thing, it was God putting fresh air in my lungs to continue," Carroll explained. 

The 20-year-old actress hopes her story will serve as an encouraging reminder that God has plans for the gifts he gives us. 

"I don't believe God would give you something that you wouldn't be able to use for his glory," Carrol said.  I don't believe you have to compromise who you are as a person in order to do what God has called you to do."

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