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'Drag For Kids!': Tyra Banks Producing New Show About Teenage Drag Performers for Discovery+

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Model and “Dancing with the Stars” host Tyra Banks is executive producing a controversial, six-episode series for Discovery+ called “Generation Drag.”

The show, which drops on June 1, will feature five teenagers and their families as they prepare to partake in a drag show for LGBTQ teenagers, Deadline reported.

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Discovery+ released an April 26 statement about the show with a headline that read, in part, “Five Teenagers Prepare for Their Biggest Drag Performance.”

The teens in “Generation Drag” are seen preparing for Dragutante, described by Discovery+ as a “drag show designed as a platform for LGBTQ+ teens to express themselves.” The Dragutante website has a tagline that reads, “Drag for kids!”

Dubbing the series “inspiring,” Discovery+ said viewers will see the “teens juggle the pressures of being young adults while pursuing drag greatness.”

Here’s a bit more about the teens featured in the show (via Discovery+):

A three-year veteran of Dragutante since his mother conceptualized the event, Jameson relishes in performing as “Ophelia Peaches,” but this year brings a desire to lyrically express his hurt emotions of not being accepted by certain family members by performing an original song. Noah, who performs as “Poptart,” is a trans female teen exploring her first romantic relationship. Although her parents have accepted her transition, there are still tough conversations to be had about her true self. Vinny, who is a perfectionist and was born to perform, struggles with his “Vinessa Shimmer” choreography and stresses he won’t be able to execute a flawless cartwheel in his new platforms on stage. Having difficulty connecting with peers in his hometown, Bailey is filled with anticipation to finally meet other teens with the same passion. His drag persona, “Nemo,” gives him the confidence to open up and make new friends. Although Nabela is looking forward to bringing her “DunkaShay Monroe” to a larger audience, she still longs for the acceptance of her maternal grandmother who she fears may never accept her. The five teens have worked for months curating their head-to-toe looks for their alter ego performances, but it’s the friendships they make along the way that fulfill their sense of self.

And here’s a trailer for the series. Notably, Discovery+ turned off YouTube comments on the video, likely anticipating the blowback a series like this is certain to receive:

As for Banks, she praised the teens depicted in the show and said she has “such admiration and respect” for them.

“They are bravely navigating coming into their own in a world that can be very challenging and not always accepting. What is so beautiful is seeing their parents and siblings supporting them,” Banks said in a statement. “These teens’ laser-focused tenacity inspires my team and me, and we are honored to share their stories.”

She continued, “I can’t wait for these popping personalities to show their fierceness to the world.”

"Generation Drag" is the latest project aimed at normalizing teenage and "tween" drag. This tragic move comes amid increased debate over the impact of LGBTQ content on children. This series ups the ante on Hollywood’s presentation of such content and continues the cultural narrative of pushing back against biblical truths and norms.

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