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'Deceptions Are Sneaking into the Church': Dr. Michael Youssef Warns of 'False Gospel' of Wokeness


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From the debate over transgender rights to expressing faith in any segment of society, the cancel culture wants Americans to go "woke."

However, Pastor Michael Youssef, host of the popular program Leading the Way, warns that following the current culture is deadly to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Youssef joined CBN's The Prayer Link program with a strong message to pastors, warning them about spewing far-left ideology from the pulpit. He is urging them to refocus their message to be centered on Jesus Christ. 

"It's not of the color of skin, of the ethnic background, or social is on Jesus," he explained. "When you take your eyes off Jesus and you focus on the circumstances that surrounds us... this whole idea that we're woke. We realize this world is made of two kinds of people - the oppressed and the oppressors - we begin to see people with those kind of prisms. That is a total false Gospel and we ought not to fall for that trap."

He is pleading with evangelical pastors to be alert and awake to the lies that are linked to the ultimate deceiver.

"Please be careful. This is another one of those enemies...deceptions that are sneaking into the church to take our eyes off Jesus and of the eternal perspective and the fact that only He can give us eternal life, forgiveness of sin, redemption. And therefore He has got to be the focus, not all the stuff that is coming to us from the outside. Who is the master of division? Satan. He is the one trying to divide us and Jesus unites us."

Dr. Youssef added that Christians must teach and train the next generation about hostility toward the Gospel and not to accommodate it. 

"We are living in a culture that is hostile to the Gospel and faith in Jesus Christ. Instilling in the homes, children, and the churches the vital importance of knowing what you believe, who you believe, and who you are in Christ is basically like the air we breathe and the food we eat."

And he noted that there will be consequences if the church fails to adhere to the biblical truth.

"The church is the church of Jesus and not even the gates of hell will overcome it. The church is, unfortunately just like we've seen in the mainline denominations and Europe, where churches are basically becoming museums," Dr. Youssef pointed out. "That's going to happen here too unless God's people stand up and pastors begin to preach the Word of God instead of self-help and self-motivation and focus on the sword of the Spirit because that's our weapon and the love of Christ. 

Dr. Youssef concluded by appealing to churches to be a part of "the church" in standing up for the truth of the Gospel.

He is also sharing this message in his new book, "Hope For This Present Crisis," outlining how believers can stand firm against attacks on their faith and defend Christianity.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Youssef on CBN's The Prayer Link airing this week on the CBN News channel.

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