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Chuck Pierce Prophesied Last Year About the Coming Plague - He Says This Passover Will Be a True Passover

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Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion Ministries, is one of the major prophetic voices in the world today and is known for delivering accurate words about the times and seasons we are in. 

Pierce started prophesying last September and then again in January about what the world is going through now. He said, "plague-like" conditions would hit the Earth through February, March, and April.  

In a new interview with CBN News on "The Prayer Link" show, he also had a word of hope about Passover. "This year would be the year that Believers would really have to understand Passover and that we will pass over!" He said, this year, more than ever, Christians need to understand the power of the blood of Jesus and honor the blood.  

Last August, as Chuck was meeting and praying with his team, he says the Spirit of God fell and told him, "This Passover will be a Passover." 

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During his interview on The Prayer Link, Chuck said, "What I saw is that at Passover this year, after this virus, after this plague-like condition was raging, that we would start turning, if we would participate in Passover. Now, Passover starts Wednesday evening, April 8th and goes through Thursday evening, April 16th. Now, what we want to do is watch the turns that occur in this plague-like condition after that. Then, we have to remember there's a 40-day period that God intended for them (The Israelites) to press on through and come into their promises. So, I believe the next 40 days after Passover is a pressing forth time for God's people and if we press, if we grab hold of this Passover, the power of His blood, WE WILL CROSS OVER INTO NEW LEVELS OF HIS PROMISES."  

He says God is making us treat this Passover the way He did with the original Passover. 

"We have lost the concept of the blood. This Passover is important because we have to understand the power of the blood. Now, notice what's happening here, God is making us do this Passover the way He did the original Passover.  We're having to go inside our homes, shut the door, a confinement, like He did the original Passover and really He's forcing us to recognize the power of His blood," said Pierce. 


Pierce says we don't have to literally put blood on our doorposts like the Israelites did to keep the plague from entering their homes, but what we do have to do "is recognize the power that the Lord Jesus Christ, by His Spirit, left us. And like Hebrews says, His Spirit is flowing through our blood. His blood is actually activating in us. This year like never before, what I'm praying is, that God's people, that their spirit gets activated in a new way, a renewal of the spiritual aspect of who He is and who we are and the union we have with Him comes into a whole new Baptism. So, what you are doing by taking communion, because the Lord says always remember me and take communion, I think that's exactly what the Lord's looking for," said Pierce.

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He also recalled that the Israelites who experienced the first Passover still had 40 days to press through into their Promised Land, but their promise was delayed 40 years because of many problems. Pierce says that will not be the case for us.

"I decree right now we will not postpone the promises that God has for this nation any longer and I decree that every remnant and every nation will rise up and see that God has a plan for them," Pierce said.


"Father, I ask you right now, there's one prayer I have that we would know you, that in the midst of this, know your reality. Lord just as they cried out at Passover, we cry out, Lord Help us Right Now! And You said, that when we cry out You come down! And Father, I say right now in the midst of the confusion that's going on, in the midst of the fear, I ask that Peace invade in Jesus' name; I ask that wholeness invade. And we cry out Lord, we need a Healer! And Father, You are a Healer and we say come and heal us, spirit, soul, and body as we submit to you during this time of crisis. Father, I bless everyone that's out there and I say let them see You in a way they've never seen You before in Jesus' name! Amen."  

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