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Middle East Expert has Deep Concerns about China's Expansion of its Middle East Diplomacy


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The announcement on March 10th that China brokered an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran sent diplomatic shockwaves through the Middle East and capitals around the world. CBN News talked with John Hannah, Senior Fellow at JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs about this stunning development.

Hannah brings a unique perspective since he recently visited Saudi Arabia and met with its top leaders.  He came away with the impression that the Desert Kingdom would have to hedge its bets in the region because of the waning U.S. influence under the Biden administration.  

However, he among many others, was both surprised and deeply concerned that China is now filling a role historically held by America. 

CBN News interviewed Hannah about the impact this new Beijing agreement will have on the Middle East, whether or not Saudi Arabia might still join the Abraham Accords, and what this means for Israel and its goal of stopping Iran’s nuclear ambitions. 

To watch the interview, click on the video above.

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