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Israel, Other Allies Concerned About US Projection of Weakness from Biden Debate Performance

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JERUSALEM, Israel – After President Joe Biden's shocking debate performance Thursday, Israelis are alarmed, as are many other allies. They worry evil actors on the world stage might take advantage of the world's greatest superpower being led by a frail, weak, commander-in-chief.

If America's Leader is Frail & Weak, Will Israel's Enemies Choose Now to Strike Harder?

As columnist Amnon Lord put it in Israel Hayom, “In a world rife with aggressive forces, the unflattering image of an American president – the leader of the free world – appearing weak and incoherent encourages them to exploit opportunities.”

Israeli columnist Nadav Eyal added in Yediot Ahronot, "Weakness is not a trait that an American president can convey, by any means."

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) expressed similar worries on Fox News this weekend, saying, "It's what foreign leaders – our enemies – saw in that debate, in  China, Russia, Iran, North Korea. Right now are they thinking, 'This is our moment of opportunity?'" 

Biden Administration Accused of Still Withholding 7 Weapons Systems from Israel

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told Israel Defense Forces in northern Israel this weekend it's their military might that may intimidate Hezbollah enough that it will halt its daily attacks in the region and negotiate a peace deal.

Gallant declared the nation is readying either for war or for peace, noting Israel is "preparing the military force, defense, attack, and this can happen quickly. On the other hand, the political alternative is being prepared. It is always preferable. We are not looking for war, but we are ready for it."

He added, "The thing that gives us the flexibility to be able to discuss political solutions is that we have military solutions."

But as Israel may soon face war with Hezbollah and its more than 150,000 missiles, one highly-placed U.S. lawmaker says the Biden administration is still withholding seven weapons systems from the Jewish Nation.

On Fox News Sunday, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), who chairs the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee revealed, “This is what is most disturbing to me, is that we’re withholding weapon systems that I have signed off on and Congress has appropriated with the intent of sending those weapons to Israel.”

'Hamas Is the Only Obstacle'

Noa Argamani, one of those four Israeli hostages rescued in Gaza recently, is speaking out.  She's reminding the nation that so many hostages remain in captivity.

In a video, she implored, "We can't forget about the hostages who are still in Hamas captivity, and we must do everything possible to bring them back home."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pointing out that no hostage deal can currently be worked out because Hamas refuses to deal.

As he put it, “And today everyone knows a simple truth: Hamas is the only obstacle to the release of our hostages."

Hamas claims the problem is that Israel won't agree to end the war and remove all its troops from Gaza. "Without this being achieved, all that is presented is just a waste of time," said senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan.

Netanyahu, though, contends that there is no way to end the war until Hamas is completely defeated by Israeli forces.

"Every day they (the IDF) eliminate dozens of terrorists," Netanyahu stated.  "It is a difficult struggle that is waged above ground, sometimes in face-to-face battles, and it is also waged underground."

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