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Hamas Appears to Reject US Gaza Ceasefire Plan as World Learns More about Sinwar's 'Dead Civilians' Strategy

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Hamas appears to have rejected the latest U.S.-backed proposal to end the Gaza war and release the hostages. In the process, the world is also discovering more about the evil strategies of Hamas's top leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar.

While the fighting continues in the Gaza Strip, Hamas reportedly turned down President Joe Biden's ceasefire proposal unless it includes a permanent end to the war in Gaza that would guarantee Hamas's survival.

Israel's government rejects any proposal that doesn't destroy Hamas's ability to fight Israelis and govern the adjoining territory.

A senior Israeli official released the following statement Tuesday:

"Israel will not end the war before achieving all its war objectives: destroying Hamas's military and governing capabilities, freeing all the hostages, and ensuring Gaza doesn’t pose a threat to Israel in the future. The proposal presented enables Israel to achieve these goals and Israel will indeed do so."

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An article in Monday’s Wall Street Journal featured some of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar's recent communications. They reveal how he uses his own population in the war against Israel.

Sinwar embraces civilian losses in the war as "necessary sacrifices," and he believes the Gaza death toll works to his advantage.

In an earlier interview, he said, "We make the headlines only with blood: no blood, no news."  

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, an expert on Islam, told CBN News, “He knows exactly what are the sensitive points in the Western mindset and he definitely works on these weak points.” 

Kedar explained that dead Palestinians are part of Sinwar's strategy. It's why Hamas fighters embed themselves among the civilian population and why hostages are held in civilian neighborhoods.

“Anyone who looks dead, and actually is dead can be photoed, can be put on social media, can be reported, can cover all the media in the world. So, these people, in the eyes of Sinwar, are worth much more when they are dead compared to their value when they are alive," Kedar stated.

It turns the world against Israel; thus, Kedar says, in Sinwar's thinking, "We have the Israelis right where we want them," and added, "because you can wage a media jihad against Israel based on these dead people." 

U.S. National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby agreed, asserting on Tuesday, "Mr. Sinwar cares nothing at all about the lives of innocent Palestinians that have been caught up in this war – a war he started. And it should surprise and shock no one that a beast like Mr. Sinwar would actually take glee in it and see advantage to it."

Meanwhile, Hezbollah fired a barrage of over 150 rockets from Lebanon Tuesday, some of which landed as far south as the Sea of Galilee. Earlier, Israel had eliminated a senior Hezbollah commander.

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