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Christians Flood X With Prayers for Infant for 'Perfect Miracle' After Heart Transplant

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Thousands of Christians on social media are thanking God for the miraculous turnaround of a seven-week-old baby who underwent a heart transplant. And his parents are asking for more prayers as he continues to recover and "fight for his life."

When Augustus Elliott Joubert, better known on social media as Gus, was placed on a heart transplant list, his parents knew the road ahead would be challenging.

And they called on the faith community to lift them and their son in prayer.

"The road ahead is daunting. God is good, his grace sufficient, and the prayers of his people are fortifying. We begin a season of intense anticipation," wrote Gus' father, Mark Joubert, on X.

The first set of many prayers was answered 11 days later when a heart came through for the baby.

My son is currently in surgery. He went in around 1 pm. Old heart is out, new heart is going in. We only spent 11 days on a transplant list. Thank God for the family that chose to donate. It's been a long day. We probably won't see him until 8 pm," Joubert wrote on January 16. "The Lord is our refuge."

But the answer to prayer was overshadowed by news that Gus's new heart would not beat. 

"He will transition to ECMO (heart bypass machine) for a couple days in hopes that it begins to beat. Otherwise, he will pass away. Please pray for us all," Joubert requested on X.

Thousands of believers began to pray for the infant as time counted down and life seemed less and less viable.

Two days later, Joubert and his wife heard a faint heartbeat from their son. A sign of hope that beckoned them to put their faith deeper in a God who answers prayers.

They specifically requested prayer for a functioning heart and that he would transition smoothly off the heart bypass machine. 

Joubert wrote, "Please pray his heart function would continue to improve; that his time on ECMO would not involve further complications; that he would be comfortable and not distressed; that my wife and I would have rest and wisdom for hard days ahead; that God would be known and glorified through us in the midst of this trial."

On Tuesday, just ahead of a test that precedes coming off the ECMO machine, the family again requested prayer.

"Yesterday Gus' heart performed well when ECMO support was reduced," the father wrote. "Today the plan is to have a 'clamp trial' during which ECMO support will be temporarily suspended."

But the test did not go as planned and now the couple are seeking the prayers of those who have upheld their family before the Lord. 

"Friends, please pray for us as complications with ECMO during our clamp-test led to a rapid removal from ECMO. Up to that point, Gus' heart was doing well, showing signs that he would likely have come off ECMO soon anyway," Joubert updated his followers. "However, Gus is still in a fight for his life right now…"

Minutes later, more than 39,000 people viewed the request, and prayers of support flooded his timeline. 

"Most kind, powerful, and loving Father in Heaven, please come to Baby Gus's aid. We praise your name for the prayers you've already answered. Please pull him through this time of challenge in the name of your precious Son, our Lord Jesus who died for our salvation. Amen," wrote one X user. 

"May the healing power of the Almighty God fall on Gus for a perfect miracle in Jesus name. Amen," another wrote. 

Another user added, "Come Holy Spirit and take control, Hold Gus in your loving arms and make him whole, Wipe away all doubt and fear and take over his life and heart, Draw him to your love and keep him by your side safe and whole. Amen."

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