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Fourth Blood Moon: A Blessing and a Warning


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EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello readers. We noticed a lot of you are checking out this story, so we wanted to make sure you noted this article was published in 2015. If you're looking for a story about the upcoming Super Blue Blood Moon, here it is. Thanks for following CBN News.

JERUSALEM, Israel -- For the past two years, millions of people worldwide have been fascinated by blood moons from four successive lunar eclipses called a tetrad. Many seen them as a sign God Himself has placed in the heavens.

During a lunar eclipse, the moon turns the color of blood. It's extremely rare to have four blood moons in a row fall during the biblical feasts commanded by the Lord.

The last of the tetrad was on display Sunday night in many places around the world. It's the first one visible in Israel, appearing in the pre-dawn hours Monday morning.

And like the previous three eclipses, it falls on the first day of a biblical feast, this time the Feast of Tabernacles.

Many who came to Israel to witness the blood moon believe it's a sign of harvest.

"But we really sense that the Holy Spirit is coming with a massive harvest, a great awakening, and I believe this red moon is a harvest moon. That's an indicator of a jubilee of jubilees for the souls of man," Cindy Jacobs, with Generals International, told CBN News.

Previous blood moon tetrads -- all falling on Jewish feast days -- have coincided with major events for Israel and the Jewish people.

In 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain and Columbus discovered America, which would become a safe haven for the Jewish people. In 1948, Israel was reborn as a modern nation. And in 1967, Israel recaptured Jerusalem during the Six-Day War.

Bob O'Dell co-authored a book about the blood moons, titled Israel First!. He believes they're a sign of good things ahead for Israel, but perhaps troubling times for nations that come against her.

"I personally believe that in the years ahead we will begin to look at Israel in a new way, that these blood moons mark a new phase in the life of Israel," O'Dell told CBN News. "It's no longer about the Israel that is struggling to survive, but now it is about an Israel that is learning to thrive."

O'Dell says it will be more than 500 years before four blood moons fall again on the first days of the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.

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