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A Wild Ride of Emotions Expected for Season 4 of 'The Chosen'

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The wait is over as Season 4 of the hit Christian TV series The Chosen hits the big screen. For the first time, the entire season will roll out in theaters over the next few weeks, and it's expected to deliver a wild ride of emotions for fans.

Dallas Jenkins is the man behind the masterpiece series on the life of Jesus and His "Chosen" followers. In an interview with CBN's Studio 5, Jenkins shared a preview of what to expect this time around.

"A good perspective in this season to notice is that Jesus is weary and heavy laden, and He needs rest. We see Him throughout the season - sometimes He gets comforted by someone else. As we get closer and closer to Holy Week, we see in scripture Jesus get more frustrated. He got more brokenhearted. He wept over the city of Jerusalem. He was frustrated at the religious leaders because they were not getting His message," he told CBN News.

Actress Vanessa Benavente, who plays Jesus' mother, is seeing and feeling the emotional change in Jesus this season.

"I feel like she has such trust in Jesus and such great respect for what He does, that even though if things don't really feel like the way they should be going, she understands that maybe she just has to wait and see," Vanessa told CBN News.

Actor Abe Bueno-Jallad who plays "Big James" shares Benavente's sentiment.

Bueno-Jallad told CBN News, "I think that in Season 4 something becomes clear to James about who Jesus is. It's almost kind of what Vanessa was talking about. Learn to sit in that listening, that really beautiful listening, as opposed to talking with your strengths, and trust."

Jonathan Roumie has played the role of Jesus since The Chosen's inception and believes his storyline with Lazarus this season will stand out the most.

Reflecting on the scene, Roumie said, "We spent a lot of Season 3 developing Jesus and Lazarus's friendship, and to see Lazarus's journey and how Jesus reacts to it and the pain that causes. Then the pain of the community at large despite Jesus hoping that they will have understood that he is the Messiah, that death cannot stop him, and then still sort of succumbing to the earthly temporal norms of a life coming to an end."

(SPOILER ALERT) While Lazarus' storyline will be a major part of the season, a major twist in the role for Ramah is sure to draw some tears. Actress Yasmine Al-Bustrami revealed some of the details of her character's death.

"I knew this was already planned from the get-go, but when I got the script, I just didn't have a chance to read it yet. But then people were asking me like, oh my gosh, did you read it?" she told CBN News.

Brandon Potter plays Quintus. And his character plays a pivotal role in the surprising plotline.

Potter told CBN's Studio 5, "I'm the killer. I was not quite hyperventilating when I was reading the script, but I was getting up and pacing. It's sort of funny because for the last several seasons you know I would talk to Dallas, and I would say Quintus is doing a lot of threatening of people. He needs to do something."

While there is no avoiding the sad moments in the Bible-based stories, we know according to scripture there is a bright light at the end of the story. 

The first 3 episodes of The Chosen Season 4 will be in theaters this Thursday. They will then be followed by episodes 4 to 6 on February 15th. Then Episodes 7 and 8 roll out starting on February 29th.

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