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'We…Are Facing a Crisis': Christian Video Game Platform Aims to Combat 'Toxic Content,' Cultural Chaos

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The CEO of a new Christian gaming and content platform is on a mission to transform entertainment while also protecting kids from the avalanche of over-sexualized, secular content.

Listen to them on the latest episode of “Quick Start”

Brent Dusing, CEO and founder of TruPlay, a platform providing video games, digital comics, and cartoons, told CBN Digital his company does everything with “excellence and fun” while ensuring it all “contains God’s truth.”

“We started this because we’re so concerned about what’s going on with kids,” Dusing said, adding the situation today for children in America is dire, with fewer young people believing in God. “Why is that? How did we get here? It’s very simple. Fifty-two-and-a-half hours is the average amount of time a child spends on a screen. They’re only at church 30 minutes a week.”

With less than half of Americans attending church today, he said the situation is grim, particularly regarding the content and information coming at young people.

“We really are facing a crisis with children,” Dusing continued. “Anxiety, suicide, depression rates are all time, all-time highs, pornography exposure, all-time highs for kids, all types of toxic content thrust on kids.”

Amid the haze of confusion, he said many parents are looking for platforms they can trust — entertainment venues where their values can be respected and where children can hear about “God’s truth” while simultaneously enjoying the content.

And that’s why Dusing created TruPlay, a subscription gaming platform that offers mobile games and plenty more — games that embrace biblical and family-friendly themes.

But TruPlay offers more than gaming; it delivers comics and other projects as well.

“It’s really a whole kind of a platform for all types of entertainment options for kids and families,” he said. “Our goal is to reach millions and millions of children, families all across the world.”

Dusing said he’s encouraged by the positive reception thus far, with hopes to help curb some of the unfortunate and inappropriate messages children face. TruPlay, he believes, offers a viable alternative to so much of what’s currently on the market.

“It’s no surprise that there’s so much toxicity on children, because they’re not being shown God’s truth,” he said. “I’m really concerned about there’s way too much sexual content for kids; there’s way too much hyper-violent stuff.”

Dusing wants to bring quality entertainment that helps parents get past negative options to find something their children will love and cherish. Watch the video above for more on TruPlay.

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