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'We Need to Act Fast': Disney+ Green Lights Show About Girl Carrying Satan's Baby

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The family-friendly entertainment organization MovieGuide is sounding the alarm about an upcoming Disney+ that features a teenage girl's love affair with Satan.

The streaming platform has given the green light to start production on a new German original series titled Pauline. According to Deadline, the series follows an 18-year-old girl who becomes pregnant after a one-night stand with the devil.

The series' creators, who are behind  Netflix's How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), say the project is "very close" to their hearts. 

"For a long time, the series has been and still remains a project very close to our hearts," Philipp Käßbohrer and Matthias Murmann said. "We're thrilled that Disney+ loves this coming-of-age story as much as we do and that we've now been able to begin filming with such an amazing cast and crew."

Lately, Disney's "coming-of-age" films have been out of touch with what parents want their kids to watch. They often push content with themes around witchcraft, sex, and violence.

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Last year, the company lost over $100 million each for their animated movies, Light Year and Strange World–which depicted same-sex relationships on screen.

Movieguide Chairman and Founder Ted Baehr, is calling on parents to petition Disney+ to stop the release of Pauline on the platform. 

"We can't let this twisted and disturbing content corrupt our children's values and beliefs," he shared. 

"Let me be clear. Pauline is not just another piece of entertainment," Baehr added. "Horrifically, this series even portrays Satan as a romantic partner! By normalizing and promoting such a relationship, Pauline sends a dangerous message to young viewers that associating with demons, Satan, and evil is acceptable and even desirable!"

Baehr said MovieGuide is partnering with Citizen-go to stop the series from premiering on Disney+.

"If released, there will be millions of young viewers who may perceive this twisted and disturbing story as desirable and exciting," Baehr warned. "The show's attempt to normalize and even promote demonic association is a blatant attempt to blur the lines of morality and make evil desirable."
"We must act now to petition Disney to reconsider their decision to platform this evil show. We need to inform the studios that there are still discerning viewers and parents who won't allow this content to be viewed by our children," he added. 

Baehr continued, "Pauline has not been released yet, and we can still STOP this show from progressing any further...we need to act fast."

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