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'The Wait Is Finally Over': Here's How You Can Stream 'The Chosen' Season 4

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Fans of “The Chosen” are sure to rejoice after the team behind the wildly popular TV drama about Jesus and his disciples announced season four will be available for streaming June 2.

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“As always, each episode will launch with global livestreams on social media and The Chosen app,” a press release reads. “Following each livestream, season four episodes will be available exclusively in The Chosen app before coming to other viewing platforms later this year.”

The episodes will be released weekly beginning Sunday, June 2. Over the course of four weeks, they will be unveiled on Thursdays and Sundays.

The announcement comes after season four was released in theaters worldwide in February and March. However, that release — teamed with delays to the free viewing typically made available via streaming — sparked questions and concerns among those unable or unwilling to go to theaters to see the show.

In a press release this week, “The Chosen” creator Dallas Jenkins expressed excitement about the long-anticipated season four streaming release, proclaiming, “The wait is finally over.”

“The response from those who’ve seen season four in theaters was that this is our best season, so I can’t wait to deliver these episodes free and easy to the world,” Jenkins said. “We wanted to offer fans a chance to see it on the big screen together in theaters. But I’ve maintained the show will always ultimately be available free and easy, and we’re now ready for our livestreams, which are going to be bonkers this year.”

The statement also indicated that season four of “The Chosen” will make broadcast and additional streaming debuts, with details to follow.

As CBN News previously reported, Jenkins stunned fans earlier this year, when he released a Facebook video with a shocking title, “I’ve got bad news about season 4’s release.”

The proclamation gave a clue into some of what could be expected from Jenkins’ more than 16-minute “family chat,” as he dubbed it — a candid conversation about why season four of “The Chosen” was released in theaters, the monumental cost of producing the series, and future plans for the show.

“Our previous path wasn’t proving to be sustainable,” Jenkins said of the crowdfunding model that launched “The Chosen” into meteoric success. Without going into excessive detail, the famed director also indicated legal challenges were holding up the season four streaming release.

Despite those legal roadblocks, Stan Jantz, chief executive officer of the Come and See Foundation, the organization tasked with bringing “The Chosen” to one billion people across the globe, told CBN News in March about how his organization was able to bring season four of the show to prisons and churches.

Though the public couldn’t yet view the new season, these populations were able to do so, which at least enabled some to enjoy the show free of charge before the June 2 wide release.

News about the streaming release also comes after CBN News reported Disney+ is now streaming the first three seasons of “The Chosen.”

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