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'There Is a God': Actress Roma Downey Delivers Powerful Message About Faith, Blasts 'Unkindness' in Culture

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Actress Roma Downey has spent decades inspiring audiences through movies, TV shows, and books.

Downey, who starred in the hit show “Touched By An Angel” and brought the world “The Bible” series, among a plethora of other successful projects, is now out with a new devotional, “Be an Angel: Devotions to Inspire and Encourage Love and Light Along the Way.”

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“The legacy of my work for the last 25, 30 years that I have been in this space … in a faith and family space, where my interest is in telling stories of hope, stories that uplift, stories that connect,” Downey recently told CBN’s Faithwire. “The message remains the same. There is a God, He loves us, He wants to be part of our lives.”

The actress and author emphasized the importance of kind acts and hopes her new devotional helps people focus their hearts and minds on what matters most, coalescing to “change the world together one small step at a time.”

“Be An Angel” was written, in part, after Downey noticed so much “discouragement” and negativity in the world, and wanted to offer an alternative.

“Every time you turn the news on, there’s discouragement,” she said. “We see so much division, not just in our country, but in our world — so much unkindness.”

Downey said she’s often shocked to witness how this negativity plays out on social media and other venues and wanted to take a “strong stance on goodness and kindness” and help encourage people to “pay it forward” with acts of love for one another.

“I always say this, but we need to make more noise for the good guys and be reminded and be comforted that there is so much goodness in the world,” she said. “It just doesn’t make the headlines.”

In her own life, Downey said she starts each day with “prayer and gratitude,” regardless of the ups or downs she’s facing. She said embracing these sentiments and handing everything over to the Lord holds power to help her navigate every day and, when needed, to get fresh starts.

“Whatever problems I think I might have, I still have so much to be grateful for,” she said. “And I find, when I just come into prayer, into that communion with the Lord and I just say, ‘God, thank you for this day and whatever the day may bring me, strengthen me, prepare me and let me be an angel — and that everybody would know that I love you, God, because of the way I love my life’ … each day brings an opportunity for us to start again.”

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