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'Pretty Amazing': Actress Danica McKellar Is Reading Entire Bible, Reveals Story That Really 'Struck' Her

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Actress Danica McKellar recently said she’s “on track” to read the entire Bible this year and reflected on one Old Testament story, in particular, that has had a profound impact on her life.

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“This is the first time I’ve read the Bible,” McKellar said in a “Bits of Joy” segment for Great American Family, noting she has explored the Gospels in the past, but not the entirety of the Old and New Testaments. “It’s actually kind of fascinating when you feel like you’re in that world … it’s pretty amazing.”

As the “Wonder Years” star navigates the entirety of Scripture, she’s been particularly fascinated by the story of Joseph, Movieguide noted.

“One of the stories that stuck with me the most is from Genesis, and that’s Joseph’s story,” McKellar said, noting how God was with Joseph when he was sold into slavery by his brothers, imprisoned, and throughout other significant challenges.

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The one element that really resonated for the actress is Joseph’s resilience and willingness to lead with “joy,” regardless of his circumstances.

“[The] fact that, wherever he was, he rose to the top because people recognized, ‘This guy’s kind of special,'” McKellar said. “I just imagined him doing whatever he needed to do joyfully.”

She continued, “He was with God. God was with him. He felt it.”

McKellar said there’s a lesson in Joseph’s story for everyone.

“No matter what we’re doing, we can do it with true joy if we’ve connected to our relationship with God,” she said.

Watch all of McKellar’s comments here.

As CBN’s Faithwire has reported, the actress has been candid over the past year about her faith journey. She has credited fellow performer Candace Cameron Bure with giving her a Bible and helping introduce her to the Christian walk.

“Candace, I don’t wanna brush over the huge, huge impact that you’ve had on my life this year,” McKellar said in a December appearance on Bure’s podcast. “I don’t even know how to call that like friendship, it’s more than that. Because of you helping me to find my relationship with God and Jesus, it’s been like a revolution in my life. It’s been a revelation in my life.”

She continued, “You gave me this Bible that I read all the time and I love it so much and I go to church now and I just, I talk to Jesus all the time every day. It’s unbelievable. And you were like my guide. You were just an angel in my life and you still are. And I just wanna thank you for that publicly.”

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