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The Powerful True 'Story of Possum Trot' - How This Church Went All in to Rescue Foster Kids

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Angel Studios has released a powerful, new inspirational film – and be sure to bring your tissues with you for this one.

Bennett Chapel is a small church in a small east Texas town called Possum Trot with a miracle story now making a splash on the big screen.

The movie is called "Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot." It tells the true story of a pastor and his wife who lead a small community in east Texas to embrace children in the foster system no one else wants to adopt.

What they accomplished was truly remarkable, changing the lives of 77 children in the process.

The story begins with Bishop W.C. and Donna Martin who began adopting troubled children from foster care in the 1990s and then encouraged members of their church to do the same.

Here's the Trailer:

Nika King plays First Lady Donna Martin. "I want people to know when you see me in this film, it's Nika King as the actor. But it's really First Lady Donna Martin," King said. 

Donna Martin said, "It's unexplainable. You take, you see the structure of the both of us, right. But when I am looking at this film, I am going that is me. Sis, how you do that?"

"God, God. Believe me I prayed many a night...I don't want to mess this up," King replied. "I knew I had the chops...but it was still something special that needed to come upon me. But once we met and I had that Holy Ghost-filled interaction, I felt ok, the foundation is laid. Now I can move forward."

Demetrius Grosse plays Bishop W.C. Martin. He had a strong reaction when he found out it was based on a true story. "You are blown away. You're captivated. You are gripped. You feel compelled to participate in the superlative of this movie. You feel called. You feel changed when you watch it and when you read it. And when you experience it."

Bishop W.C. Martin told us, "I'm a preacher. I am not an actor. So, I don't know how those two connect together. But this is the thing that I see. God was in it. So, God connected it together to be what it is."
And what it is is a church that united to adopt nearly 80 children and for a time leaving no child on their town's waiting list in need of adoption.

What's Bennet Chapel and Possum Trot like today? Bishop Martin says it's, "Holy Ghost filled. That's the best that I can tell you because if you come in the church or drive on those grounds you're going to feel the power."

"Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot" is now in theaters nationwide. Click HERE for more.

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