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'People Getting Set Free': Amid 'Revival' Colton Dixon Praises Sean Feucht, 'Jesus Revolution,' Moves of God

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With the word “revival” increasingly used to describe massive, spirit-filled gatherings of Christians on college campuses and at other locations across America, singer Colton Dixon is encouraged.

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The “Build a Boat” singer said he believes one of the positive and timeless appeals of the Christian faith is the Bible’s countercultural message, something that transcends and permeates time.

“Even when Jesus was here, it was counterculture,” Dixon said. “I don’t know that that’s ever going to necessarily change. Even when Billy Graham was around, it was counterculture.”

He added, “That was part of the appeal.”

Dixon, who released his new EP “Canvas” April 28, showered praise upon the popular film “Jesus Revolution” — a movie depicting events surrounding the Jesus movement of the late 1960s and 1970s — and the Christian gatherings breaking out earlier this year at Asbury University, among other locations.

“I’m always cheering on anything that’s going on that’s promoting Jesus,” he said, referencing popular worship leader Sean Feucht’s praise and worship gatherings held during the pandemic. “Just seeing [Feucht] … having these worship gatherings, it was just really cool to see people getting set free.”

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Dixon continued, “Regardless of what you think about it, people were getting delivered.”

The singer said he hopes to see more of these gatherings unfold and said he’d love to be a part of it.

As for his new music released on the “Canvas” EP, Dixon emphasized his hopes God works through him to inspire fans with a biblical and truthful message.

“I want God to tell a story through me,” he said. “I just want to be a part of this beautiful picture that He’s already painting. We have a beautiful opportunity to be a part of what He’s doing.”

Dixon believes every song is an opportunity to speak truth into his audience by opening up something they haven’t thought of before or delivering a revelation from the Lord.

“There’s such a responsibility in knowing what I write matters,” he said, acknowledging music’s impact on audiences.

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