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Patricia Heaton's 'Revelatory' Moments About God After Reading Bible in 1 Year: 'Healer, Good Shepherd, Prince of Peace'

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Actress Patricia Heaton revealed on social media this week that she finished reading her entire Bible in exactly one year and described to her followers the reading plan she used. 

Heaton, an outspoken Christian, known for her roles on the TV shows Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle tweeted a little more than two-minute video message explaining how she did it. 

"A year in the making. I finally did it!" she wrote. 

"Sunday, December 18, a year ago today, I decided I would finally for the first time in my life read the Bible all the way through," she said. "And I got this plan from the Gospel Coalition and I finished it today. I can't believe it." 

"Some days were just revelatory, I saw things I had never seen before," Heaton explained. "And some days were kind of a slog. You know just going through it and pushing through. Just feeling like I don't know what any of this is about, mostly Old Testament stuff."

She held up her now-tattered Bible reading guide, showing users her coffee cup stains and where on the paper she had written down all of the names for God that she found in the Bible. The actress then read her list aloud. 

"He's a Provider, Healer, Banner, Shepherd, Righteousness, Sovereign, The Beginning, The End, He Sees Me, Supreme Mighty One, Most High, Good Shepherd, Physician, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty, Everlasting, Prince of Peace, Lion of Judah, El Shaddai, God Almighty," Heaton said. 

"It's a great way to start your day," she said about reading the Bible. 

Heaton told her followers she was going to start reading her Bible all the way through again, starting Jan. 1. 

"I highly recommend it," she said. 

As CBN News reported last month, the 64-year-old celebrity specifically addressed fellow Christians who might "feel disappointed or despairing" following a night of close election results.

"For those of you who are Christians and who feel disappointed or despairing of the election results, it is a blessing to be reminded that our security does not rest in men or governments, which are finite and will eventually crumble, but in God alone who is ever sustaining," she tweeted. 

In September, Heaton also made headlines when she spoke out about the death of her brother, Michael.

"I'm still processing the fact that I will never see or speak to my brother again in this lifetime," the celebrity wrote after his passing.

Michael Heaton, 66, was a reporter and columnist for The Plain Dealer in Ohio and was affectionately known as the "Minister of Culture," also the name of a column he penned for more than 30 years.

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