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'Jesus Was Not Crucified on a Gucci Cross': Candace Cameron Bure Shares Little Girl's Powerful, Viral Video


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Actress Candace Cameron Bure is using her social media platform, once again, to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

This time, the Fuller House star posted to Instagram a video of a young African girl reciting a well-known poem by Fragile Dogubo entitled "Gucci Cross".


In the video, Cherry Paul Ede of Coric Children's church shares the powerful spoken word about Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, and how He redeemed us from all our sins so that we could spend eternity with Him.

The viral video has nearly 1 million views on Bure's page and more than 1 million views combined on Gospel Afri's social media channels. 

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but Jesus was not crucified on a Gucci cross," the girl said. "He didn't have on a crown of Versace thorns or Nike shoes on his feet when the nails pierced through. There was nothing bougie about Calvary. That old raggedy wooden cross wasn't even befitting to hold the carpenter's son, but there our God hung, held on by His love for us, by His love for all."

"It wasn't the red carpet affair for your favorite celebs," she continued. "Matter of fact, the only paparazzi was an angry mob as a crowd of witnesses. Once upon a time, I thought the crucifixion was like the Grammys, an award show only for a self-righteous few. But the Bible didn't mention an ovation – only wrongful accusation, hate speech, and boos from fools. The King of Glory came through."

"But boy! Did Jesus make a runway out of Golgotha. Adjusted that burden of the cross, you would think it was Agbada over his shoulders. I heard it is stated that when Jesus said 'it is finished', that was a fashion statement," Ede continued. "Even in suffering, the sovereignty of His majesty cannot be hid."

"But make no mistakes. Jesus felt every nail, felt every whiplash, every rib crack. It was for you that He embraced the pain," she expressed. 
"But His story doesn't end there. He showed up on the third day like 'I'm good and you are too. One with the Father, My blood makes you brand new.' So what other proof do you need that God loves you?" she asked. 

The young girl concluded the poem by encouraging listeners to live a life with the knowledge that they are forgiven. 

"This is clap-back season declared, fully my sins are forgiven. I do not know who needs to hear this, but Jesus was not crucified on the Gucci cross. It doesn't matter your age, gender, race, or net worth – only that you have been made holy."

"Glory to God," Candace Cameron Bure commented in her repost of the little girl's powerful video.

Actress Kym Douglas, singer Danny Gokey, and Christian author Priscilla Shirer also commented on the actress' timeline, applauding the young girl's message.

"Wow. She's amazing. She is connected to source," wrote Carrie Ann Inaba.

As CBN News reported, Bure has used her platform to share powerful faith messages. 

In May, Bure took to Instagram to discuss the type of spiritual warfare that the Bible talks about, sharing that a dark presence had attacked her home and it was affecting her family.

"(W)e forget that there's a very real and powerful enemy at work every single day of our lives. That enemy is the devil," she said. "He's real, and he's at work, but the devil has no control or authority in my home."

Bure continued, "Jesus has all authority, all power in my home, and He reigns in my home. And so, I call upon the Holy Spirit, I pray out any evil spirits that are in here. And I put on my worship music. It's just filling my home. So my home is filled with Scripture and God's Word, God's power, God's truth. And I just keep reminding myself of that."

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