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'Jesus Revolution' Film Soars to No. 1 on Amazon: 'Many Will Come to Christ'

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The faith-based film "Jesus Revolution" continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its powerful message of redemption, hope, and revival. The box office hit is now the top-selling movie on Amazon Prime.

The film soared to number one on the digital platform's best seller chart just a few short weeks after earning a whopping $52 million in theaters. 

"I think people are hungry in our nation spiritually," Pastor Greg Laurie tweeted, noting the film's position. 


As CBN News reported, the movie tells the true story behind the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, including how Pastor Chuck Smith welcomed hippies at Calvary Chapel as they were looking for truth. That invitation helped to fuel one of the greatest spiritual awakenings in American history.

Greg and his wife Cathe Laurie were two of those young people who were welcomed by Smith. They were seekers who soon became part of the Jesus Movement and eventually went on to pastor Harvest Christian Fellowship. 

Now they see signs of spiritual revival in America again.


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"There are many indications of (hunger) across the board. One of them is the interest in this film about the last great spiritual awakening that swept our nation called the Jesus Movement. … I think a lot of people heard about this film in the theaters and want to see for themselves. I pray that many will come to Christ and have their faith revived watching @JesusRevMovie."
The film opened at the box office at the No. 3 spot and remained in the top 10 for several weeks.

As CBN's Faithwire reported, the movie made history by scoring an A+ CinemaScore rating — a rare feat in Hollywood and an indication audiences truly love the film. A CinemaScore rating, ranging from A+ to F, measures fans' reactions to major feature film releases on opening night.

The film is having a powerful impact on viewers.

The film's producer Kevin Downes told Faithwire there were instances of people receiving prayer while in the movie theatre.

"We're seeing videos of revival going on in movie theaters," Downes said in March. "We're seeing … outbursts of prayer and worship happening outside of the theater or inside the auditorium after the film. And it's just so encouraging because, literally, that was our heart."

Jon Erwin, the film's director, said his primary passion is serving the audience with a powerful message through film.

"Everything we do — it's not about us; it's about the people in the seats and the experience they're having with the film," Erwin said. "And I think, so many artists, a lot of times are like, 'The audience should be there for me … for my creative genius.'"

He added, "I don't think that's true at all. I think we should be there for the audience."

Based on the film's box office success, and now the streaming success, viewers are clearly responding positively. 

"I'm proud of what we made," Erwin said. "God is just doing something beyond the experience of the movie."

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