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Hollywood Actor's Faith Inspires All He Does: 'If You Say You Believe Something... Live That Out'

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Hollywood actor Jesse Hutch, known for starring in romantic comedies, recently opened up about the powerful role faith plays in his life.

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Hutch, a Christian who starred in Great American Family’s “A Christmas Blessing,” stressed the importance of living out one’s beliefs in every facet of life.

“If you say you believe something, then live that out,” he said. “Live it out in your marriage, live it out at your workplace, live it out in your community, live it out in your finances, your parenting, how you handle strangers. … just live that out.”

While Hutch said no one is perfect, he contends believing in God and trying to live out the Lord’s values truly matters. The actor said he’s seen spiritual growth unfold in his own life, with prayer taking an active role in his journey.

Watch Hutch share his story:

“I want to affect my children,” he said. “I want to touch the community, and so there are a lot of angles that you’ve got to think of, and so you really need direction in that, and you have to have a base.”

Hutch said, for him, this base is set upon his faith. The actor said his goal is to love others while standing firm in his beliefs — something that impacts all the choices in his life.

“For me, personally, I really want to kind of love everybody … where they’re at and what they’re doing,” he said. “And yet, at the same time, really know what I believe and stay established in that so that I don’t just fall over when someone has an idea or opinion.”

Hutch continued, “Scripture says you should not be like a reed in the ocean, going to and fro.”

Watch the actor discuss his faith journey, career, and more.

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