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Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson Huff Announces 'A Little Miracle Is In Motion'

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Duck Dynasty star and motivational speaker Sadie Robertson Huff has announced that she and husband, Christian Huff, are expecting their second child, due to arrive in May 2023.

In her November 3rd announcement on Instagram, Huff shared that "another little miracle is in motion." The post included their first miracle, 1-year-old daughter, Honey, whom Huff gave birth to in May 2021.


Friends and fans were thrilled to hear the news of the Huff's "second little miracle".

"Oh come on! Let’s celebrate and give God some praise!” Craig Groeschel commented, followed by Jennie Allen's statement, "So so happy for this little life!! Raising the next generation of little world changers!"

Huff previously opened up about the traumatic birth experience and postpartum depression she experienced after the birth of her daughter, Honey, on her podcast WOAH That's Good. "I came to this point with my story where I was like, I can live in fear, yeah. I can sit here and say what if, and what could've and what should've happened, or I can live like a miracle happened.' I can't explain why I'm okay and why she's okay, but we both are and I just need to have gratitude and thank God," Huff stated.

The Huff's have deeply-rooted Christian values, which have influenced not only how they have navigated a traumatic birth, but also how they raise their daughter. Huff shared previously that in regard to her Christian faith, it can be “intimidating,” “confusing,” and “awkward” to turn to the Lord in vulnerable ways, but it’s essential and can intensify one’s relationship with God.

One of Huff's greatest blessings in life has been being a parent, "It is the greatest joy. It has not been easy by any means. It's hard, right? But what would be even comparable to the greatest thing ever, the greatest responsibility, and not be hard? It's supposed to be. It's been the most beautiful journey," Huff stated.


On her podcast episode, My Postpartum Journey, Huff shared thoughts on her and her husband's journey through parenthood, "We are a team in it all. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I can't wait to see the times to come. I'm thankful for where we've been, but I'm very excited for where we're going and what we've learned along the journey."

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