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'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson on What Darkness, Chaos in Culture Is Truly Sparking

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“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson believes the chaos in culture is sparking a deeper interest in God and biblical truth.

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Amid some positive developments surrounding revival and mass baptisms, though, there are still negative reports of young people abandoning or having no real acquaintance with faith, something Robertson addressed.

“Our kids are leaving … they’re taking off [and] being gobbled up by the world,” he told CBN News. “And, so, we’re like, ‘What happened?’ And I think it’s because … a lot of people just weren’t on the right mission. They thought the mission was just … [that we’re] supposed to go to church when we can and try to be a good person.”

But he said this isn’t what Jesus calls Christians to do, explaining there’s a deeper relationship with the Lord and calling on the part of people’s lives.

“When the bar’s lowered on that mission, and that’s not what Jesus said do, well, don’t be surprised when you look up and everybody’s just gone,” Robertson said.

This is the topic he addresses in his new book, “Gospeler: Turning Darkness into Light One Conversation at a Time.” In it, Robertson encourages people to share their faith with others in transformational, one-on-one conversations.

“People are searching,” he said. “They’ve seen what the world has to offer and it’s just empty.”

As people struggle to find hope amid the lies and consternation, Robertson said he’s even seen people with big names start to ask important questions. These people see the Gospel and wonder, “Maybe there’s something to this.”

Robertson reminded Christians that the ultimate answers to life won’t be found in people’s own hearts or minds — or even in politics, a place many people have mistakenly put their hopes.

“I think people have put their stock in politics and … we’re like, ‘Have we just got the right person in there who’s a Christian and does all the Christian things?'” he said. “We’re not even called to do that. “[In] the Great Commission, [Jesus] didn’t say, ‘Go change your countries and make sure you got the right politicians.’ That wasn’t the mission.”

Robertson continued, “The mission was to make disciples, baptize people, and to teach people.”

The reality TV star believes real revival will come when Christians start sharing their faith with others and living out the Great Commission with fervor. He said real revival starts by changing one heart at a time.

“Even if you’re at the deadest church in whatever little dead town you’re in, you can create revival right there,” Robertson said. “Just get out and start doing it. You can start with the people … your family, your friends, your kids.”

Robertson is hoping “Gospeler: Turning Darkness into Light One Conversation at a Time” inspires the church to “get fired up [to] start converting people.”

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