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In this May 9, 2012 photo, from left, Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Miss Kay Robertson and Si Robertson pose at the A&E Networks 2012 Upfront at Lincoln Center in New York. The Robertsons star in the A&E reality series "Duck Dynasty." (AP Photo/Starpix, Kristina Bumphrey)

'Duck Dynasty' Family's Movie 'The Blind' Shatters Theatrical Record, Blows Past 'The Chosen'

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“The Blind” — the real-life story of Phil and Miss Kay Robertson and the “Duck Dynasty” family — has officially become the most successful film in Fathom Events history.

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The movie, which hit theaters Sept. 28, has grossed nearly $16 million at the box office as of Monday, with the film being extended twice from its initial eight-day expected runtime, according to Deadline.

Perhaps most notably, the movie shattered the former Fathom record held by “The Chosen,” with episodes one and two of the third season raking in $14.6 million at the box office.

“From the beginning, we knew how special this film was, and we were eager to support it in the best way possible,” Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events, told Deadline of “The Blind.” “Giving the film a longer theatrical run was a great decision for Fathom because of how important it was to bring this message to the fans.”

He continued, “It resonated with so many people, which is why ‘The Blind’ has had such staying power.”

As CBN Digital reported, the impact of “The Blind” has gone far beyond monetary gain. The movie is reportedly changing lives, with news of baptisms following screenings.

CBN Digital sat down earlier this month with entrepreneur and Christian leader Ethan Drum to hear how he brought “The Blind” to hundreds of homeless people and individuals struggling with addiction — and the results were incredible.

According to Drum, 70 people accepted Christ during initial showings.

“I was like, ‘Why don’t we just bring the movie theater to them?’” he said. Watch Drum tell the story:

These reactions aren’t surprising, considering the movie’s powerful contents certainly pull on viewers’ heartstrings. Long before their A&E glory days, the Robertsons struggled in their marriage, with Phil finding himself lost, aloof, disconnected from his wife and children, womanizing, and dependent on alcohol. The movie dives deep into these realities.

Phil’s journey of leaving the mess behind and embracing Jesus — and Kay’s quest to forgive — provide the heartbeat behind “The Blind.” Willie Robertson, Phil’s and Miss Kay’s son, appeared on CBN Digital alongside his wife, Korie, to discuss the real-life story behind the movie.

Watch them explain:

Willie said the film was challenging to watch at moments, but is an essential story of deliverance and finding the Lord. And Korie noted the importance of telling their family’s imperfect yet redemptive story.

“You look in Scripture and over and over again, the people that God uses are not the perfect people, is not the perfect family,” she said. “It’s in our weakness that God’s glory is revealed and that we are made strong … God can use you and your story, even if your past looks like this, even if … there’s things in your, in your story that [were] really horrible.”

Phil and Miss Kay also directly shared their journey in a separate interview with CBN Digital. They, too, said opening up and being vulnerable about past mistakes wasn’t necessarily easy.

“It was embarrassing for me … when you tell people your sins,” Phil said. “You’ve already told them to God; He knew them.”

Kay, too, said the experience of being so forthcoming was difficult. We’ll leave you with their interview:

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