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'The Chosen' Makes Big Announcement Amid Streaming Delay, Quest to Bring Show to One Billion People

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The head of an organization tasked with bringing “The Chosen” to one billion people across the globe has unveiled plans to bring season four of the hit show to prisons and churches, a bold move aimed at sparking Gospel conversations and healing.

Listen to them on the latest episode of “Quick Start”:

Stan Jantz, chief executive officer of the Come and See Foundation, recently told CBN News his nonprofit’s mission is to “support ‘The Chosen,'” implementing a vision to bring “the authentic Jesus” to one billion people.

“We have three … pillars, and one is to ensure that all seven seasons get made,” Jantz said. “No. 2 is the translation piece, [to] translate every episode of every season into 600 languages, which is a huge task — never been done before [on] that scale.”

He said the third effort is strategic partners with global ministries to take “The Chosen” to the “farthest places of the world.” Jantz said he has been excited to see the amazing ways the show has impacted hearts and minds across the globe.

“We’re excited about … Bible engagement,” he said, noting many people are so intrigued by what they see in “The Chosen” they open up their Bibles to read what’s in Scripture. “YouVersion is finding a real uptick in their Bible engagement by showing ‘The Chosen’ on their apps.”

The show, Jantz said, has become a vehicle to point curious people toward God’s Word.

As CBN News previously reported, “The Chosen” creator Dallas Jenkins recently released a Facebook video with a shocking title: “I’ve got bad news about season 4’s release.”

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That proclamation gave a clue into some of what could be expected from Jenkins’ more than 16-minute “family chat,” as he dubbed it — a candid conversation about why season four of “The Chosen” was released in theaters, the monumental cost of producing the series, and upcoming plans for the show.

Despite challenges delaying the streaming release of the latest season, Jantz said “The Chosen” season four will be making its way into prisons through Prison Fellowship and will also head to churches.

“We’re seeing that this is a tool that they’re using to engage these inmates and then, as chaplains, take them through that discipleship journey,” he said. “We’re thrilled.”

Churches can also find out how they can bring season four to their congregations free of charge.

“One of our goals too is to keep this show free for all,” Jantz said of any church or prison participating in this offer. “People can watch it and not have to pay for it.”

Ultimately, he hopes the Prison Fellowship partnership impacts not just the inmates but also their families, yielding lasting healing.

“I think that healing … can take place too of maybe there’s been resentment, or confusion, or whatever kind of happens when someone is incarcerated,” Jantz said.

Find out more about the Come and See Foundation’s work here.

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