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'Witches Are Bold': Jackie Hill Perry's Witchcraft Warning About Christians, Satan, and the Occult

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Jackie Hill Perry, an author, speaker, and poet who has inspired millions with her story of leaving a gay lifestyle and finding true fulfillment in Jesus, issued a warning earlier this year that Satan is trying to destroy an “entire generation of Christians with witchcraft.”

Perry, who is out with a new book, “Upon Waking: 60 Daily Reflections to Discover Ourselves and the God We Were Made For,” made these comments in January, during Passion 2023, warning about people increasingly engaging in “witchcraft,” and noting the issue is deeply impacting young Christians.

“The enemy is trying to destroy an entire generation of Christians with witchcraft,” Perry said. “He wants us to consider alternative sources of power for joy, for peace [and] for a right mind.”

The author reflected on these comments during a recent interview with CBN Digital, explaining why she believes the church sometimes neglects to address the spiritual warfare we see detailed in Ephesians 6 — and why she so boldly tackled the issue from the Passion stage.

Watch what Perry had to say:

“Witches are bold,” Perry said. “Witches are very out loud and bold about their rituals and their altars and the means by which they can access the spirit realm independent of Jesus, right?”

Perry continued, “And you have an entire generation that is on TikTok being introduced to these powers and this ability to find strength, to find peace, to find some sort of control over their lives, over their minds, and even over others through supernatural means.”

But she warned against these pursuits and said it’s essential for Christians to talk about the issue out of love and concern for others.

“We have to speak to the fact that people believe that there is power and other dimensions apart from Jesus himself,” Perry said. “But Jesus came and said that you cannot worship the Father, you cannot access God if you are not doing it in spirit, by the power of the spirit, and in truth, according to God’s Word.”

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In the end, Perry said a failure to discuss these issues means we’re “leaving a lot of people lost,” and she implored Christians not to fear Satan.

“We can’t be scared of the devil,” she said. “He’s defeated, but we also can’t be so rational that we think everything is a matter of logic and not also a spiritual reality at play.”

Perry said the devil is “crafty” and that believers can often improperly come to believe that what happens in churches is all “flesh and blood” when, in fact, spiritual matters could be at play.

The author discussed these issues while promoting “Upon Waking: 60 Daily Reflections to Discover Ourselves and the God We Were Made For,” a collection of 60 daily reflections on Scripture to “help you awaken to the God you were made for, the life you were made for, and the person you were made to be.”

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