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'Inspired by the Book of Revelation': EXCLUSIVE Trailer for Action-Packed, End Times TV Series


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A new end-times drama is set to deliver a unique, action-packed approach to biblical prophecy, exploring what the world could look like in the wake of the biblical Rapture.

“Revelation Road,” a seven-part series set to premiere later this year on Pure Flix, is a continuation of the popular movie trilogy by the same name.

Director Gabriel Sabloff said he believes the series is quite different from other faith content in the marketplace.

It focuses on protagonist Josh McManus, whom Sabloff described as a “Jason Bourne-type figure.” McManus, who was once a regular guy, is scientifically modified to become a super soldier of sorts, setting the series up for chaos, thrills, and a fair share of action.

Listen to Sabloff discuss the series on today’s Quick Start podcast:

“The ‘Revelation Road’ universe that we’re creating is a big action-adventure series, and we’re taking big swings, and we want it to feel big and expansive,” he told CBN’s Faithwire. “I’ve designed it so that the world is really big and we bring in all these different characters who have their own lives and are making their own way through the seven-year Tribulation Period as the best they can.”

Pure Flix exclusively shared the trailer for the new series with CBN’s Faithwire. Watch it below:

Sabloff said other end of days movies and shows tend to focus on revealing the Antichrist and showing the rapture as more of a focal point. But he said “Revelation Road” is a bit different, with the series beginning with the Rapture and showing the aftermath throughout.

“Our series begins with the Rapture [and] goes on from there,” he said, noting he wanted to explore the entirety of the Tribulation Period, not just a few days after the Rapture. “We wanted to really fill out and expand upon what daily life looks like in the Tribulation Period.”

“Revelation Road” brings the chaos and consternation one imagines unfolding during the biblical end times, carrying a different type of faith content to the marketplace.

Designed for more mature audiences, the series will elate longtime fans of the film franchise who have asked for years when a new film would be released.

“I do want to make sure fans know, those who said, ‘Where’s the fourth movie?’ This is the fourth movie,” Sabloff said. “This seven-hour series of seven episodes is the continuation of the story. It’s the broadening of the story.”

With the growing popularity of end of days content, Sabloff said he believes audiences find the themes “thrilling,” especially considering what Scripture has to say in the Book of Revelation and other New Testament areas.

“There’s the Rapture in which everyone’s taken up who deserves to be, and then the rest are left behind,” he said. “And then there’s seven years of everyone just trying to figure it out and trying to survive and trying to battle the forces of evil that are inevitably going to take over in the absence of … grace.”

Stay tuned to Pure Flix later this year for the release of “Revelation Road.”

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