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'Bring Revival': Christian Rapper KB Says Mainstream Hip-Hop Teaches Kids to 'Hate Jesus,' Delivers Plea to Fellow Believers

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Christian performer Kevin “KB” Burgess is pleading with believers to embrace Christian hip-hop to reach people with the Gospel.

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KB, who recently released a new book, “Dangerous Jesus: Why the Only Thing More Risky than Getting Jesus Right Is Getting Jesus Wrong,” told Christian Headlines he believes contemporary hip-hop is teaching young people to “hate Jesus.”

He also implored fellow Christians to put reservations to the side to support people like him trying to spread the Gospel message through Christian rap.

“Let’s return to that era of seeing Christian hip-hop as a powerful way that we might bring revival,” KB told Christian Headlines. “Think about what we can rejoice over — that the Gospel is being preached, churches are being strengthened and people are coming to Christ.”

While not everyone in the Christian realm supports faith-based hip-hop and rap, KB said people must remember the dire nature of the secular alternative.

“The alternative is what your children are going to listen to — they are listening to,” he told Christian Headlines. “And the alternative is teaching them to hate Jesus. That’s a little hyperbolic. But there’s truth to it.”

KB encouraged Christians to look past differences and to focus on the Gospel as a unifier that helps everyone look past any divides. Read the full interview here.

KB’s new book “Dangerous Jesus” tackles Christ’s countercultural message, with the description explaining how Jesus’ words and actions were a “threat” to many.

“From the moment He arrived on the scene, Jesus posed a threat to the unjust, a threat to the oppressors, and a threat to every semblance of authority wielded by the kingdom of darkness,” the text reads, in part. “He invaded the world with love for the forgotten, hope for the hopeless, and freedom for the bound. His ideas were disruptive, subversive, and scandalous to the world around Him.”

In the book, KB addresses people walking away from faith today, and tackles what he sees as the ways in which Christ is and has historically been “ignored, weaponized, reinterpreted, and misappropriated.”

His goal is to focus on the “true” biblical Jesus.

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