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Battle With Demonic: Ray Comfort Reveals Wild Encounter With Evil After Man Dabbled in Occult

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“As I began to pray, he slumped onto the floor on his back … and began sliding across the room, and screaming, and groaning.”

This is a wild scene evangelist Ray Comfort described encountering when a young man named John approached him 40 years ago for spiritual help at a youth church camp.

It all started when John told Comfort, “I’ve got some problems. Can I talk with you?” John sat on a bunk in Comfort’s cabin and the two chatted before the evangelist offered a prayer.

But once Comfort started his invocations, he said John began slumping over, sliding around the room, and screaming — a spectacle the evangelist knew was anything but normal.

One of the eeriest details shared by Comfort involved the saliva profusely coming out of John’s mouth during the ordeal.

“Saliva from his mouth was coming out with such velocity it was hitting a chest of drawers at least six or eight feet from him,” Comfort said. “It was just weird.”

Watch Comfort tell the story:

The evangelist started to pray and take action in an effort to thwart the evil before him.

“I began to pray exorcising prayer and demons began to manifest,” he said, describing John as being in a “blackout state” during the ordeal. “And [when] he came back to himself … I said, ‘John, what have you been into to get like this?'”

That’s when John revealed some bizarre details; he had reportedly been listening to occultic rock music and had even engaged in the practice of drinking blood.

“[He] and his girlfriend, under the influence of marijuana, would go to a butcher and get blood and drink it,” Comfort said. “It’s because Satanism and the occult is all founded upon rebellion — a rebellion against God and against everything good and wholesome, and God says blood is sacred, so they drink blood to desecrate it.”

Comfort believes these Satanic activities are what opened John up to the demonic.

He knows some might find the story too fantastical or bizarre. But Comfort maintains it happened and he emphasized the responsibility Christians have to speak truthfully.

“There’s no exaggerations on my part,” Comfort said. “I believe all liars live their part in the lake of fire. Liars won’t inherit the kingdom of God, and so I’m very careful not to exaggerate.”

How common are such actions in Comfort’s ministry? Not very. He doesn’t have a deliverance ministry and hasn’t said an exorcising prayer for at least 40 years now. In fact, Comfort doesn’t believe Christians can be possessed and argued a person is “set free” when he or she embraces Jesus.

“We all have battles with demonic forces, with thoughts in our head,” he said. “But, when someone becomes a Christian, they are set free.”

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Comfort added, “The Bible says, ‘Submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you,’ and if Satan isn’t fleeing from someone, I believe it’s probably because they’re not totally submitted to God.”

As CBN Digital previously reported, Comfort also shared a separate encounter with evil — the case of a young woman in Christchurch, New Zealand, whom he believes was fighting the demonic. The evangelist said she came to his office years ago for help one day with her friend — and chaos broke out.

“[She was] sitting down in my office, manifesting all these different weird demons,” he said. “And, at one point, the dexterity was quite amazing. With one hand, she reached into a blouse and pulled out a safety pin … and tried to swallow it.”

He continued, “I think three times she grabbed cords from lights in the office and tried to strangle herself, and the demon screamed out, ‘We’re going to kill.’ And I said, ‘You can’t touch us because we’re Christians.’”

Read the full account here.

Comfort tells these stories in his book “Out of the Comfort Zone.”

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