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May 24 - CBN NewsWatch AM: ICJ orders Israel to stop Rafah Offensive - May 24, 2024

Israel is prepared for more international pressure on its military campaign against Hamas. The International Court of Justice orders Israel to stop Rafah offensive. Russian troops in Ukraine have filled the country with land mines. More than ... ...

May 23 - CBN NewsWatch AM: Terrifying Video of Captive Israeli Female Soldiers - 5/23/24
Israeli leaders say the declaration of a Palestinian state by 3 European Nations would reward terrorism. Even though inflation is slowing down food prices are still high. The White House says some corporate grocery store chains are taking ...
May 22 - CBN NewsWatch AM: Israel Fighting on Multiple Fronts - May 22, 2024
From the world court at the Hague, to the frontlines at Rafah, Israel is fighting battles on multiple fronts. The first Presidential debate is just weeks away, but voters don't want to see just Donald trump and Joe Biden on stage. There is a ... ...

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CBN Newswatch brings viewers the day’s top headlines, analysis, and in-depth reports from the CBN News team, expert contributors, and faith leaders.

Efrem Graham


Efrem Graham is an award-winning journalist who came to CBN News from the ABC-owned and operated station in Toledo, Ohio. His most recent honor came as co-anchor of the newscast that earned the station’s morning news program its first Emmy Award.

Efrem was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, but his formal television and journalism career was born across the Hudson River in New York City. He began as an NBC Page and quickly landed opportunities to work behind-the-scenes in local news, network news, entertainment, and the network’s Corporate Communications Department. His work earned him the

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