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A Prayer Before Battle

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I watch the news and I listen, and I pray
For all those young men and women
Who are there in a land far away,
And I think of the mothers and fathers who also watch,
Whose babies are in that land so far away.

I think about the possible sacrifice they may have to make
So that in this land we can live in freedom.
And I think about that land, where freedom does not ring,
And I watch the news and I pray.

They are on the front lines, with weapons and masks,
Ready to go at Duty call.
And we are on the front line of prayer for them.
We must pray as we watch the news on TV,
And we must keep them in our hearts, in our thoughts,
As we go about our daily lives, in freedom's land.

So many lives hang in the balance,
To insure that Freedom will ring.
So many families are involved, so much love, so many memories.
So as they prepare for battle, let us purpose in our hearts,
To support them with all our love, and most of all our prayers.

Let us be on the front line for them,
In all we do, let us stop and remember
Freedom did not come without a price,
And it does not live without a battle.

Let us begin this prayer today, and each day that shall follow,
"Lord, bless our men and women of the Armed Forces.
Hold them in the hollow of your hand.
Keep them safe and free from harm.
And as they march into the battle, walk with them, Lord.
And bring them back home safe and sound.
And let freedom ring from every shore,
We could not ask for more."

As you go about your work,
As you spend your time throughout the day,
Remember to pray for those who go into the battle,
And thank God for all those who have marched before them,
Those who gave all so that we could be here
In this land of freedom today.
Remember and then pray.

Copyright 2002, by Marsha Brickhouse Smith. Used by permission.

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Marsha Brickhouse

Marsha Brickhouse Smith is a freelance writer and a contributor to

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