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The Master's Sandals

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The day had been ever so long. It was one of those days I wish had not happened. Nothing had gone right. When I came home and closed the door, I wanted to shut out all the worries and troubles the day had brought.

Later that night as I tried to go to sleep, I remember thinking, "Oh, Lord, I know you were with me today, but it was a horrible day! What am I doing wrong?"

Finally, sleep came and with it a dream I shall never forget. I dreamed I was standing before an aquamarine sea, surrounded by the most beautiful, high mountains I had ever seen. And standing before me was Jesus! There was such calm being in His presence; such love. He looked down at my feet as the waves began to wash over them and slowly shook his head.

"Where are your shoes, My Child?" Never had I heard a voice that sounded like that. The very essence of the voice was love.

"I didn't think I needed them, Lord." I too looked down at my bare feet.

"My Child, you need the sandals, and I have a pair for you." He slowly placed them on my feet. As He did, I felt a renewed strength. No longer did I feel tired. No longer did I feel discouraged or sad.

After He finished putting the shoes on, He helped me to my feet with His arms of love and then spoke once more, "These shoes will protect you no matter where you go. They will keep you from harm. When the fires of life assail you, you will not be burned. When there are stones in the pathway, you will not be hurt, for these shoes are very special."

"But, Lord, they look old and well worn. Are you sure about these shoes?"

He smiled a smile I will never forget. "Oh, yes, my child, for they were my sandals. And when my children wear them it is a perfect fit."

As I watched Him walk down the shoreline as the sunset shone across the waters in a golden splendor, I knew. I had been trying to walk through all of life without the shoes. No wonder I was so tired, so discouraged, so defeated.

But no longer, for the Master had given me His sandals. Now I was prepared to walk with victory!

The message is for YOU, too. Wherever you are right now, whatever you are going through, not only is He with you, but you are wearing His sandals and they are a perfect fit. Those sandals are the Gospel -- the Good News of God's love, His forgiveness, and His saving grace that makes all the difference in our daily lives.

How lovely on the mountains are the feet of Him who brings good news, Who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, Who announces salvation, and says to Zion, "Your God reigns!" (NASB)

So whenever you start to doubt, look down at your feet and remember the sandals, for they have been touched by the Master and given to you. It is a perfect fit!

Remember His Words and then look up. For just as He walked down the beach in my dream towards the mountains, He has prepared the way for us to follow. We walk knowing He walks with us each step of the way. He hears our every prayer and loves us through it all.

Copyright © Marsha Brickhouse Smith. Used by permission.

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